How Klipboard Helped a Texas-Based Medical Servicing Business Improve Their PPM Scheduling

One of the largest biomedical servicing companies in the U.S. is about to improve their PPM scheduling with Job Management Software

Why PPM is vital for Medical Devices

Managing Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) schedules require Medical Servicing businesses to be extremely organised to ensure service level agreements are achieved or exceeded.

One of the largest biomedical servicing companies in the U.S. recently improved their team's ability to manage planned maintenance schedules and perform servicing jobs on their customer's equipment.

Land Sea & Sky manages multiple PPM schedules for various healthcare institutions, hospitals and clinics across the U.S.

Owner Chris Hysinger and his team have to diligently monitor when their customers' assets require servicing, the condition of those assets, and importantly carry out the work required whilst also providing comprehensive servicing reports to their customers. This required extensive administration work from his team, therefore Chris needed to find a way to streamline this in order to scale his business. 

Chris searched to find the most appropriate job management software for his business but found that many lacked the asset management capabilities that he required. He discovered Klipboard during a search on Xero's marketplace, where Klipboard is listed as a certified partner.

After availing of a free trial period and product demonstrations by Klipboard consultants, Chris was confident he had found the right job management software to help his equipment servicing business become more streamlined and achieve further growth. 

"Klipboard has revolutionized our ability to track each asset service," - Chris Hysinger, Land Sea and Sky

Klipboard's comprehensive suite of Asset Management features helps Land Sea & Sky and their technicians to complete scheduled maintenance whilst allowing for flexibility in their job scheduling should they need to react to a customer call out. Total visibility of service histories, comprehensive asset registers and custom service reports, gives their team everything at their fingertips in the office or out in the field.

Why are PPM schedules so vital for Medical Equipment servicing businesses?

The quality of care offered by medical facilities is directly linked to the effectiveness of the equipment they use to deliver their healthcare services. Should the performance of the medical equipment drop or fail, it can have a significant effect on the quality of a patient's treatment.

Scheduled routine maintenance is easier to manage by using software dedicated to planning out the frequency of services and limiting the potential of equipment downtime. Increased stringent regulatory and compliance requirements mean that healthcare and medical equipment servicing businesses need to operate and perform at the highest standards.

About Klipboard: Klipboard is your all-in-one platform for job management, scheduling, planned maintenance, invoicing, quoting, automated communications, reporting and more.

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