How Hikers Gain Natural Protection With Icewear's Unique New Icelandic Sheep Wool Insulation

Iceland has welcomed millions of backpackers, trail runners and hikers over the years. Landscapes in Iceland span from dried lava beds to glaciers stretching into the horizon. Making sure all tourists are warm and well, the outdoor company Icewear has newly launched active wear padded with Icelandic sheep´s wool.

Geysir jacket insulated with Icelandic wool

Iceland has been a popular tourist destination for generations, and the reasons are as diverse as the tourists. Iceland is patently scenic. 

Most Icelandic landscapes are uninterrupted by cities (or even signs of man). Its trails, mountains, hot springs and endless coast are a hiker's paradise. The Icelandic Tourist Board predicted that 1.7 million foreign tourists will have traversed the island by the end of 2022, almost five times the Icelandic population, and that number is expected to grow by another 600,000 in 2023 to 2.3 million.

Iceland Hiking Tours Dressed in Icelandic Wool Insulation

The uptick in tourism also means that many hikers are arriving unprepared. Some are simply out of practice, and others are new to trekking landscapes as rugged as those in Iceland. One recent volcanic explosion led to a local rescue mission of hikers, which provided a high-profile reminder of what preparing for a hike in Iceland really means.

Getting better information to tourists is key. Luckily, Iceland already has a premier outdoor wear manufacturer and retailer positioned perfectly to better educate everyone who comes to shore.

Icewear, a local manufacturer and retailer introduced last year superior outdoor products from Icelandic wool, a natural resource that keeps outdoor enthusiasts warm and well. Winter jackets and other outdoor apparel padded with Icelandic wool are a perfect choice for outdoor enthusiasts who want an outdoor garment to mimic the best benefits of nature, while providing an environmentally friendly option while exploring the Laugavegur trail or backpacking around Iceland. 

The Role of Icelandic Wool in Hiking 

With over 20 locations in Iceland (all in popular tourist areas), the brand Icewear enjoys tremendous name recognition in the market. The company manufactures products using Icelandic wool, including a new outdoor line insulated with an Icelandic wool filling designed in partnership with Ístex, the Icelandic wool treatment factory. The innovative wool insulation is OEKO-TEX certified and is unlike anything seen before in the market.

Icelandic wool is ideal for outdoor expeditions. It has natural antibacterial properties, making it perfect to take on a multi-day hike. It also regulates body temperature to keep the wearer comfortable, even in changing weather conditions.

It's good news for hikers that traditional Icelandic sweaters are so iconic for tourists visiting the country, too, because those sweaters are made with Icelandic wool and serve as an optimal mid-layer for expeditions in the wild.

Why Icelandic Wool?

Of over 380 sheep breeds in the world, Icelandic sheep are unique thanks to more than a millennium of breeding in isolation. Introduced by the original Viking settlers, these sheep developed their wool in the harsh conditions of Iceland, their coats are perfectly suited to the demands of hiking on the island.

Icelandic wool is the only type of wool in the world with two different types of hair fibers: 

  1. Long glossy hairs on the outside that deflect moisture and protect from wind
  2. Short, curly and closely-packed hairs on the inside that ensure warmth

With this inherent combination of temperature regulation and water resistance, Icelandic wool is one of the best options for tourists venturing through Iceland. 

About Icewear

Icewear has been in operation for over 50 years. The company started as a knitting studio in Hvammstangi in 1972 and since has grown into an international line of Icelandic wool and outdoor apparel. Before the launch of the new outdoor line, traditional Icelandic wool sweaters were the products Icewear was best known for. With the new outdoor insulated line, Icewear has championed a new era for the company, for consumers, and for the wool industry in Iceland and abroad.

Source: Icewear

About Icewear

Icewear is an Icelandic retailer of wool products, souvenirs, and outdoor gear. Designed to suit the unpredictable Icelandic climate and unique landscape, everyone should have a chance to enjoy the outdoors by being warm and well.

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