How Do I Make a Million in My Leisure Time?

Have you ever wondered about earning Rs.10 lakhs in a day? Now you can earn it within a day that too in few hours. The answer to your query is the tournament that is going to be held at Yes, you are right! It is indeed astonishing!

IndoRummy launches a Mega Tournament to search and reward the most skilled and enthusiastic rummy player. The tournament will be a test for the player's mettle, his knack over rummy, quickness of response and adaptability to various stressful scenarios of the rummy game tournament.
The registrations for the tournament are already open and the registrations were thrown open simultaneously along with the launch of the website. The process of registration to enroll in this tournament is absolutely simple and very easy. And the registration fee is of Rs. 100. "Invest Rs. 100 to get a magnificent return of Rs. 10 lakhs", this is the proclaiming slogan of IndoRummy. The statistics from IndoRummy revealed that many rummy players from across the country have enrolled themselves in for proving their mettle at the game. The only concern you will have is of your availability during the tournament tenure. As a rescue measure and solution towards your queries IndoRummy has dated this tournament on the auspicious day of Indian Independence, where the entire country celebrates its freedom. This day is observed as a national holiday throughout India; hence players need not worry about their participation.

The marketing head of IndoRummy Mr. Vijay shared his view about the 'Mega Tournament' saying that, "Rummy being a favorite game among people of our country, needs certain uplift like in the form of tournaments to elate our players by providing them with the best game playing experience. The Mega Tournament is aimed at catering the needs of rummy experts and enchanting them." As said before, the tournament already received an overwhelming response from the subjects of our nation and the only bad part is that this tournament offers only limited seat. First come first serve basis will be followed by the management of IndoRummy team. Therefore it is expected that players should make their registrations as soon as possible till the registration closes. The team of IndoRummy also emphasized that the 'Mega Tournament will commence sharp at the predetermined time period. The tournament will consist of multiple tables and will commence on 15th August, 2014 at 9.00 IST.

A hearty prayer and wishes for all the participants and an appreciation for IndoRummy for coming up with such a wonderful idea. The player emerging victorious will be throne with a whooping cash prize worth Rs. 10, 00,000. I will end my article by saying, "Brush up your rummy skills and come out with flying colors."