How Bluebird Care Barnet Assisted Mother of 10

Fostering the child and providing appropriate guidance and education is the most challenging task for the parents nowadays. Most people plan to have only one to two children due to the difficulties in their bringing up. But a mother named Jayne Stephens struggled her entire life to enable her kids to get better jobs and earn a respectable livelihood. The above story will explain how the mother of ten scheduled her routine life for the kids.

In today’s busiest time, most parents find it difficult to look after even a single or two children. But a mother who has ten children said that she would not have it any other way.

Jayne Stephens, who lives in the Grahame Park Way, Colindale, has a family of 10 children that are between the ages of 27 to 6 years old. The 46 years old Jayne Stephens has three granddaughters – Sophie aged nine, Brylee aged six and Courtney aged three.

She manipulates that she is a practical woman and a doting mother as she is working by means of a carer for Bluebird Care Barnet, in Hale Lane, Edgware. As per her statement, she never thought of getting such a big family as ten children, though she had always wanted a big family, so she herself had six siblings. At the time she got ten children, she decided to give a break then.
As per her views, the girls have the habit of arguing more than the boys, but she still is able to manage that since they keep her on the toes, so she has no other option than this. She told that maximum eight children live with her in the house. Because all are grownups, so some kids even do not live in the London anymore. She narrated that in spite of having ten children, she doesn’t find any difficulty in remembering their names.

Her 19 years old daughter Kirsty is now following footsteps of her mother as she has just begun its first job in the Bluebird Care as a carer. As a carer, Ms Stephens has worked for 20 years while she performed her job at the Bluebird Care in Edgware for 15 months. She used to manipulate and manage her home and work life by organising her shifts around the kids’ schedules and the school run.

Finally, she stated that she loves to care the people particularly the older persons. This is what she has always wanted because it seems so interesting and rewarding to her.