How a Third-Generation Real Estate Firm Still Sets the Standard for Success

Harry E. Robbins Associates, Inc. celebrates its 51st year in business in the Sarasota, Florida, area

When newlyweds Harry and Lois Robbins made their first visit from their native Indiana to Florida, they were simply visiting Harry's grandparents in Sarasota. They had no idea they would found a business that would shape the county's future and, 51 years later, still sets the standard for success, the real estate firm Harry E. Robbins Associates, Inc.

Ironically, it was a bank's decision about a real estate sale that set Harry and Lois on their path. They had hoped to buy a farm in Indiana, but at 19, they were two years too young to meet one of the bank's loan requirements.

So they visited Sarasota in 1951, fell in love with the city and decided to build a life there. Harry earned his real estate license and in 1971 opened Harry E. Robbins Associates, Inc. Now, at 51 years in business, Harry E. Robbins Associates, Inc. is Sarasota County's longest-established real estate firm under the same family ownership.

In the beginning, Harry's focus was less about building a business and more about creating an environment where he and Lois and their associates could apply the values and work ethic they learned in their small farm community in Indiana. Over time, the firm became even more of a family affair. President Loyd Robbins joined as a sales associate in 1973, becoming a broker in 1975. By 2002, Loyd's oldest son, Kevin, had joined as a sales associate, and three more sons - Troy, Derek, and Emerson - became sales agents in 2006, 2017, and 2021, respectively.

As a firm, Harry E. Robbins Associates, Inc. prides itself on its hard work as well as the way its team of more than two dozen associates listens to their clients and understands not only their needs but also the ins and outs of the commercial real estate market. Through these methods, the firm helps their clients solve problems.

"People do business with people they like and trust, and that means the personal relationship with the client is of utmost importance," said Loyd Robbins. "Taking the time to listen and truly understanding the client's goals and needs enables our team to assist in determining their options and hopefully work towards meeting their needs."

For more than half a century, that approach has allowed the firm to become a leader in developing Sarasota and Manatee counties, as it played a key role in projects like 1991 Main Street, Fruitville Commons, West River Village Venice, Sawyer Oaks Professional Park, Venetian Plaza on the Island of Venice, Sarasota Business Center 1 Venice, Sarasota Business Center II in Sarasota Interstate Lake Industrial Park, and some 30 office & warehouse condominium developments. 

The firm's multi-generational legacy means it can offer a depth of knowledge of the Southwest Florida real estate market and consistency of service in the future. 

"As our team has grown, it has enabled us to move into other markets of Florida and offer services in different areas of expertise, providing a wider range of services for our clients in commercial property management, business brokerage and development consulting," Robbins said.

An active member of the Sarasota community, Harry E. Robbins Associates, Inc., has expanded their reach to help others abroad through their philanthropic efforts, most notably their two decades' worth of work with Mission of Hope. To further expound on the Robbins family connection to Mission of Hope, Loyd Robbins' adopted son, Emerson, is from Haiti.

Mission of Hope aids impoverished areas of need by providing food, educational, and medical care assistance. The Robbins Family Mission of Hope Fundraiser for 2022 is focused on generating funds that will go towards a single school in Haiti. The money raised will be used to provide food and school supplies for all students (approximately 6,000), and to support the teachers.

Additional details on the Robbins Family Mission of Hope Fundraiser can be found here:

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About Harry E. Robbins Associates, Inc.

Founded in 1971 by Harry Robbins, Harry E. Robbins Associates, Inc., is a privately held, family-owned real estate company built on integrity, hard work, and tradition that has retained the same ownership and Sarasota location for over 50 years. The Robbins family of Real Estate agents has formed a reputation of reliability and productivity for themselves within the Southwest Florida community.

Source: Harry E. Robbins Associates, Inc.