How a Roofing Retailer's 'Jerry Maguire' Moment is Giving Consumers an Edge in Roof Replacement

Michael Harvey, Founder & CEO of The Roof Resource

In 2019, Michael Harvey was an Owner/Partner in a standard, retail roofing company and part of a traditional roofing industry process that typically involves homeowners soliciting quotes from multiple companies, struggling to determine who to trust, and facing high-pressure sales tactics with limited choices for materials. After just a few short months, he witnessed the unnecessary stress and frustration homeowners face during that process. Harvey had a "Jerry McGuire" moment and realized that he wanted to change the roofing industry from the inside out.

"I grew a conscience. The whole process wasn't right, and I was contributing to the problem and creating homeowner stress," said Harvey. "I wanted to create a customer experience that was unlike anything that existed in this industry. I wanted to provide a process that simplified everything for the consumer and provided quality materials and installation at cost. That was my goal."

Harvey envisioned a world where everything needed to replace a homeowner's roof would be available at cost pricing, with all companies involved taking ownership of their parts to ensure a win-win situation for everyone, including the homeowners.

He spent several months building the model and launched "The Roof Resource" in 2021. The Michigan-headquartered company provides an innovative virtual platform that combines the convenience of online shopping at cost with a preferred network of tenured, top roofing and installation companies, resulting in significant savings and peace of mind for homeowners. It's a transformative experience that puts homeowners back in the driver's seat.

"We are doing what's right for the homeowner - it's not just about cost; it's about giving homeowners simplicity, transparency, and trust in this process," said Harvey, Founder and CEO of The Roof Resource. "I was helping my grandmother with the whole process and thought, If I can do this for my family, why can't I do this for a stranger?"

The Roof Resource allows homeowners to replace their roofs from home virtually, eliminating the need for high-pressure sales meetings. They offer complete expense transparency and work with licensed, insured, and vetted installation partners ensuring the highest quality workmanship.

"Our goal is to provide a trusted go-to resource where consumers can get simplicity, honesty, and benchmark quality at cost, for one of the largest investments they'll make over the course of homeownership," said Harvey. "The service has saved customers thousands of dollars; money they've been able to put toward something else they want or need for their family. For me, that's the most rewarding part."

Since its 2021 launch, The Roof Resource has grown rapidly. In May 2023, Harvey introduced it as a national franchise. Franchise units in Southeast Michigan sold out in under 90 days, and franchises are launching in Denver, Colorado, and Austin, Texas, empowering customers nationwide and offering home-based business opportunities for entrepreneurs in multiple states.

Source: The Roof Resource