HoverKart: Transform Your Hoverboard Into an Awesome Gokart, Today on Kickstarter

​​​​​​​Thanks to HoverKart, a brand new hoverboard attachment from HoverPowered, the ubiquitous hoverboard is now more fun than ever.  HoverKart launches today on Kickstarter and may just revive the struggling hoverboard industry.  This clever little kart attaches to any hoverboard and allows you to sit comfortably and operate the board with intuitive hand controls.  Not only that, but it goes 12mph and can spin on a dime and pop effortless wheelies!

“We recognized the shortcomings of the hoverboard but saw the potential that it has. Being adrenaline junkies and fans of all things with wheels, we came up with the idea for a hoverboard-powered gokart.” says HoverPowered founder and the inventor of HoverKart, Tyler Kroymann. “We built the first prototype in our garage and immediately knew we were onto something.” 

​HoverKart’s distinctive design features a lightweight MIG welded and powder coated steel tube frame with a high-precision swivel caster in the front. The race-inspired seat is adjustable along with the frame length and handlebar angles, making HoverKart a comfortable fit for a wide range of thrill-seeking adults and children.  The patent-pending attachment system was designed to fit a plethora of existing hoverboard models and attaches to the board in just seconds.

With its unique three-wheeled design, HoverKart can tackle all sorts of different terrain that would otherwise be off-limits for hoverboard owners.  The team at HoverPowered say they’ve tested HoverKart on dirt, grass, and packed sand, as well as concrete, asphalt, and other smooth surfaces.  The width of the kart is the same as that of the attached hoverboard, so it’s also usable indoors just like the hoverboard itself.  And because the rear wheels are responsible for steering, the turning radius is effectively non-existent, making it easy to navigate through tight spaces.

“The overwhelmingly positive reactions we’ve gotten from everyone along the way have helped boost our confidence in the concept and pushed us to perfect the design.” said Kroymann. “We are looking to the Kickstarter community to help us raise the funds necessary to produce HoverKart at scale. We’re also hoping to build a following behind HoverKart and engage our supporters and customers in the process.”

The timing couldn’t be better.  Hoverboards are currently making a comeback due to new UL safety regulations (more info at ul.com/hoverboards) and we can expect to see an influx of UL certified boards in stores by the time HoverKart hits the shelves.

HoverKart is available on Kickstarter right now with discounted prices as low as $100.  Hurry, though, because the early bird specials will sell out fast!

Visit the Kickstarter page at kickstarter.hoverpowered.com today to preorder your HoverKart and support the HoverPowered team!

For more details on this awesome new product, visit the HoverPowered website at hoverpowered.com, or contact us directly at (650)714-8178, info@hoverpowered.com.​

Source: HoverPowered, LLC

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