Houston Overhead Garage Door Repair Now Offers Garage Door Panel Replacement Services

The company also offers hefty discounts on the newly launched service.

Houston Overhead Garage Door Repair, a leading service provider owned and operated by a team of local garage door repair experts, recently rolled out garage door panel replacement services. The owners of the garage door repair company in Houston, TX told the press that they are also offering a hefty discount on the panel replacement services. They said that they are going to offer a special Christmas discount on the panel replacement solutions that can be customized for residential and commercial clients.

"Garage doors might malfunction and might even stop working if the panels are damaged accidentally. A car owner can even damage his garage door while driving a vehicle backward. A damaged panel means a damaged and non-working garage door, which can pose a significant threat to the cars that rest inside the garages. Here's where we, a leading Houston garage door repair company, step in," said Thomas Lynam, the marketing department head of the company.

"Once we are contacted, we send our inspection team directly to the client site for a free inspection of the garage door panels. Based on their assessment, we quote a price to the client. If the client gives a go-ahead, we get to work almost immediately and repair or replace the garage doors as per the level and nature of the damage," said Thomas Lynam from the Houston overhead garage door repair company.

He also informed that they are now offering big discounts on the panel replacement services to gain some traction in the market. He added that around Christmas, they will offer even bigger discounts on the repair and replacement services for all kinds of garage door panels.

He continued said, "We believe in customization and custom pricing. This is because each of the issues we deal with is different and each client's needs and expectations are different. Therefore, we aim to offer custom pricing to each of our clients. We believe customers will find our tailor-made garage door panel replacement services beneficial and cost-effective. We have bigger surprises for them."

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