Houston Flooring Store Offers $100 Carpet Installation Credit and Mobile Showroom

Texas Direct Carpet, a top flooring store in Houston, is offering a special promotion for those having carpet installed

Texas carpet direct

Each year, millions of people around the country opt to replace their carpet, and for good reason. It’s a quick way to give your home a new look, and it gives your living space a fresh appeal. Those in the Houston area can take advantage of low cost flooring with the promotion being offered by Texas Direct Carpet. They are offering $100 credit on Houston carpet installation, and they bring the carpeting options right to your door, making the entire new flooring installation process affordable and convenient. 

“We are known for making it easy and affordable for people to replace their flooring,” explains Kenny Smith, owner of Texas Direct Carpet. “Our approach makes it easier for more people to afford being able to have beautiful, high quality carpeting installed in Houston.”

Texas Direct Carpet aims to make flooring affordable, while still offering high quality options to choose from. One of the ways they have helped to keep their carpet installation affordable is to eliminate the high overhead costs. Rather than have a big expensive showroom where people go to in order to see the carpet samples and choose what flooring they would like installed, the company brings all the samples to your door.

The company offers a mobile showroom that brings a wide range of samples right to the home. Not only does this keep the carpet installation more affordable, but it also gives people the ability to see what the samples look like in their home, so they can see how the colors work with the rest of their décor. The simplified process includes:

  • Contacting Texas Direct Carpet to schedule a flooring evaluation appointment.
  • The mobile showroom will then visit your home or office to bring the flooring samples to you.
  • Their experienced technicians will take all the necessary measurements and provide you with a free no obligation quote.
  • The consumers will have the flooring samples on hand to see how they look with their paint, furniture, lighting, and how they like the overall feel.
  • When the consumer is ready for the flooring installation, they can call Texas Direct Carpet to schedule the work.

“We have built a solid reputation for providing high quality low cost carpeting solutions in Houston,” added Smith. “You will be amazed at what difference new flooring can make. We help you love your home again, and we keep it professional and affordable while we do it.”

As a top flooring company in Houston, Texas Direct Carpet offers a one-year warranty on the labor, and all flooring is professionally installed. Their wide range of flooring options includes carpeting, bamboo, vinyl, laminate, and wood. In addition to serving Houston, they are also rated the #1 Flooring & Carpet Store in Woodlands, Texas. They are offering $100 credit on carpet installations for customers in Houston. For more information or to schedule an appointment, visit their website: https://texasdirectcarpet.com

About Texas Direct Carpet

Texas Direct Carpet offers a full line of flooring, serving the Texas areas of Woodlands, Montgomery, and Katy. Rather than have an expensive showroom, they offer a mobile one that takes the flooring samples to the customer. This route gives them the ability to offer the best flooring prices in Woodlands, Texas and the surrounding areas. They offer the top flooring options in the area, with the best prices and customer services. For more information, visit their website: https://texasdirectcarpet.com

Source: Texas Direct Carpet

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