Houston Complete on Keeping Its Team Engaged

The crew at Houston Complete is far from unhappy to be at work. On any given day, one can witness members of this interactive marketing firm working together, laughing, and being happy. This is what managers strive to realize.

“We focus on engaging our associates in our business,” noted Jason H., who shares Houston Complete’s presidential duties with Chris C. “Chris and I firmly believe that when team members are actively participating in the process, they’re far more productive. They’re also more motivated to deliver exceptional results.”

Chris stated that Houston Complete management has always made an effort to include team members in the firm’s mission. “We are quite direct with our overall goals and objectives,” he explained. “We set measurable targets for both the team and individuals based on these larger visions. This way, everyone knows what their roles are in terms of achieving success.”

"Empowerment is a tremendous part of our ability to engage our team,"

Chris C., Company President

Jason continued, “When your people are aware of what they need to do, they’re decidedly more motivated to accomplish it. We also make it a practice to include our team in finding solutions and improving processes so that we’re continually growing.”

“Empowerment is a tremendous part of our ability to engage our team,” said Chris. “We regularly solicit input and encourage team members to do what they believe will be most effective or productive. This requires trust. If your team members feel as though you don’t have confidence in them, they’re less likely to take initiative. Therefore, we go out of our way to let our associates know it’s okay to make decisions. We use mistakes as opportunities to teach, not punish. This way everyone is growing at all times.”

Houston Complete Co-Presidents Discuss Team Collaboration

At Houston Complete, the company culture is team oriented. Jason shared that both he and Chris support efforts to facilitate collaboration. “We host a lot of team bonding activities,” said Jason. “Group dinners and sports nights are always fun. These events get people talking and laughing together, which fosters strong relationships.”

Chris discussed that philanthropic goals also add a new dimension to the team’s cohesion. “We make regular efforts to give back to our community,” he said. “Sometimes it’s in the form of a goods or funds drive, other times we’ll roll up our sleeves and dig in. There’s something great about doing good that stirs emotions and deepens bonds.”

Chris concluded, “We know that our team is the driving force behind our firm’s success. Whatever we can do to engage and energize them benefits all of us.”

About Houston Complete

Houston Complete provides full consulting and promotional services. The firm’s branding specialists offer interactive strategies to brands that allow them to fill new markets to saturation. Their unique methods of outreach drive substantial financial returns. By offering scalable campaigns, Houston Complete is able to serve brands large and small in a variety of industries. Their reputation for flexibility and success has enabled them to build an impressive portfolio. Visit houstoncomplete.com to find out more about the growth opportunities this company has to offer.