Houston-Based TSC Drill Pipe Revolutionizes Customer Support With the Launch of TSC HOIST

A new benchmark in customer service. With TSC HOIST (an acronym for Hands On Interactive Support & Training), you’re not just receiving a service; you’re gaining a partner dedicated to elevating your drilling operations: www.drillpipe.com/hoist.


TSC Drill Pipe, a leader in the oilfield equipment industry, is proud to announce the launch of its premier customer-centric program TSC HOIST, an acronym for Hands On Interactive Support and Training. This exclusive initiative redefines customer service by offering an unparalleled suite of services designed to put customers first and ensure the highest level of satisfaction in drill pipe operations and maintenance. 

Uncompromising Quality Assurance 

At the heart of TSC Drill Pipe’s mission lies an unwavering dedication to quality and excellence. The company’s commitment is reflected in every drill pipe and service offered, each undergoing rigorous quality-control procedures to not only meet but exceed industry standards. TSC Drill Pipe’s state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, meticulous material selection, and continuous innovation in drilling solutions are the cornerstones of its reputation. The introduction of TSC HOIST further solidifies this commitment, embodying the company’s relentless pursuit of excellence. Designed to meet the growing demand for hands-on, personalized service, TSC HOIST guarantees that customers receive dedicated attention from a team of experienced professionals. The program emphasizes the importance of proper care and handling, allowing drill pipe to operate at its utmost efficiency within customers’ distinct drilling programs.

Access to Expertise, Efficiency and Excellence With TSC HOIST

The TSC HOIST program includes customer-focused rig visits, providing personalized attention to each customer, ensuring that their specific needs are met. The program supports customers’ preferred service and repair centers by granting them priority treatment with TSC Drill Pipe's internal qualification assessments, expediting the licensing process to maximize cost efficiency for the company's customers. Customers also enjoy direct access to field experts, allowing for immediate and expert consultation. Furthermore, the TSC HOIST program provides tailored on-site or remote training through TSC Drill Pipe and TSC University, equipping teams with the knowledge, skills, and support necessary for optimal performance. This comprehensive approach ensures that clients receive top-tier support and resources, directly contributing to the success of their operations.

With the launch of TSC HOIST, TSC Drill Pipe is setting new benchmarks in quality and customer service in the oil and gas industry. The TSC HOIST program is more than just a commitment to excellence — it’s a testament to TSC Drill Pipe’s dedication to its customers’ success. 

For more information about TSC HOIST, please contact TSC Drill Pipe at (832) 230-8228 or contactus@drillpipe.com.

About TSC Drill Pipe

TSC Drill Pipe, a division of Texas Steel Conversion, Inc., leverages more than four decades of steel tubular processing expertise to ensure that our drill pipe has the highest dependability, consistency, and durability, and longest life of any drill pipe on the market. 

Source: TSC Drill Pipe, a Division of Texas Steel Conversion, Inc.

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Since opening its doors in 1975, Texas Steel Conversion, Inc. (TSC) has become the premier processor of oil country tubular goods and the preferred manufacturer of drill pipe. TSC's dedication, expertise, and high-quality products make it a trusted partner in the energy industry .

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