House of Myrrh Ministries ( Brings Free-of-Charge Spring Workshops Where People Can Experience the Heart of God

The Christian organization House of Myrrh Ministries is proceeding with its live workshop events and invites people to participate in a series of exercises and group prayer sessions to encourage spiritual development

House of Myrrh Ministries (

House of Myrrh Ministries ( is a Christian organization dedicated to helping others experience Christ and reach spiritual and emotional growth. It was founded by Alger and Gloria Marsh who have spent their all lives serving their community by helping others heal and find joy in life through God. They have come up with numerous activity-based workshops designed to bring together a community of people under one roof and help them experience meaningful change in their hearts and lives. They have recently joined forces with Success Financial Team, a digital marketing service provider, and together they are thrilled to bring more attention to HeartChange workshops and hope to attract more people seeking spiritual development. 

About HeartChange Workshops

As the name itself suggests, the HeartChange workshops are dedicated to spreading awareness about God's everlasting love and aim to assist the participants in attaining healthy self-consciousness, healing past wounds and fears, and changing one's heart to accept the abundance that life has to offer. From spiritual exercises to small or large group prayers, the workshops offer an exciting variety of activities that provide an opportunity to share and spread love in the name of Jesus Christ. 

These workshops will be held this spring in March, April and May in selected cities over the period of four days, and the events are very inclusive towards everybody. The usual participants come from diverse backgrounds - hurting non-believers seeking help are just as welcome to join as deeply dedicated Christians. The events are free of charge although donations are more than welcome to support the ongoing efforts of the Christian organization. Many people who have attended these workshops before have left positive reviews and expressed great satisfaction with the events. 

For more information, specific times and locations, and to register for a workshop, please visit or reach out to

Although these workshops take a major share of House of Myrrh Ministries' time and resources, the organization also conducts many bible study sessions for their supporters to expand the community, or training sessions as an opportunity for their followers to become the workshop volunteers and leaders. Make sure to visit to stay up-to-date on their new announcements and programs. 

About House of Myrrh Ministries (

House of Myrrh Ministries is a Christian organization committed to serving people by offering specific activities designed to provide spiritual and emotional growth. Their passion is to help others experience Christ and His powerful transformation and freedom personally through God's love and truth and corporately through the interaction of His community.

For more information about House of Myrrh Ministries or to make a donation, please visit

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