Hound & Gatos CEO Joins Protest Against Lifting Ban on Elephant Trophies

A recent announcement that President Trump will lift the ban on importing elephant trophies into the US was quickly postponed amid concerns voiced by conservation groups and congressional representatives. Hound & Gatos President and CEO, Will Post joins the protest, challenging Trumps’ position that hunting elephants is a conservation issue.

“Elephants are smart, gentle creatures, and hunting them for entertainment is simply wrong,” Mr. Post stated. “Although the White House has asserted that revenues from big game hunting supports conservation efforts, there is no evidence that this is true, and therefore this ban must remain in place.”

With the current political upheaval in Zimbabwe, one of the countries impacted by the current ban, several US congressmen expressed concern about national security. The slaughter of elephants for ivory is a lucrative income source for terrorist groups in the Middle East, trading ivory for cash, and then selling it at a higher profit on the black market. The Washington Post documented this issue in 2013 and the practice has grown since then, massively reducing the number of remaining elephants. 

“Hunting elephants is a cruel practice that endangers the animals, the environment, and our national security, and should be banned completely. Stopping these trophies from entering the U.S. is a good start,” Mr. Post stated. He realizes that some people might find his stand hypocritical, given that his pet food contains 100 percent meat, but he explained, “There is a significant difference between slaughter animals to feed people and pets, and killing for sport. The first is a necessity but the second is simply a form of entertainment for the very, very rich.”

“I am appalled by trophy hunting and strongly believe that the ban against the import of elephant carcasses into the U.S. should be upheld,” Mr. Post stated. “I encourage anyone who believes the same to contact their Federal Representatives and Senators to express their opinion.” Hound & Gatos Pet Foods Corporation is a leader in healthy pet foods, and four-time winner of the “Most Trusted Pet Foods” award by TruthAboutFood.com. Additionally, the company was awarded the “Top Approved Pet Foods” three years in a row by Whole Dog Journal. They never use things found in other popular pet foods, such as generic livers, carrageenan, chemicals, unidentifiable additives, and preservatives. They have also never experienced a voluntary or involuntary product recall. Visit www.HoundGatos.com to discover the difference of premium quality hypoallergenic pet food. These products are distributed through Phillips Pet, Pet Food Experts and Canada’s Global Pet Foods & Maddies Distribution. 

About Hound & Gatos Pet Food
Hound & Gatos Pet Foods is a result of one pet lover’s vision of providing only the best for his beloved pets. Will Post, CEO and founder, began Hound & Gatos with the mission to deliver the nutrition his four pets (two Savannah cats and two bird dogs) needed and deserved to be healthy. Today, Hound & Gatos Pet Foods provides award- winning 100 percent animal protein (DNA tested) dog and cat foods with no fillers for pet lovers and their special pets across the United States and Canada. Customers can ask stores to carry the pet foods, which are supplied through distributors. For more information, visit www.HoundGatos.com.


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