The Hotel Supply Company Focused on Helping Our Hospitality Community Help Others

​​Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the less fortunate have been abandoned and left to fend for themselves. This massive global pandemic has brought with it unprecedented times; the world is at a near standstill, and the shutdown of the economy has led to widespread homelessness.

Companies and good Samaritans have panicked, closed their doors, and braced for the worst. In contrast, Hotels4Humanity and Kartri Sales Co., have remained vigilant; they’ve kept their faith and have remained steadfast in their dedication to help others.

Recently, Hotels4Humanity joined forces with Kartri to help the Homeless Coalition remain operational during the COVID-19 pandemic by arranging the donation of hotel shower curtains from Kartri. By collaborating with Kartri Sales Co., Hotels4Humanity effectively shared the costs of the shower curtains and donated to a meaningful cause.

This action is in line with Hotesl4Humanity’s mission of creating a triple bottom line for the hospitality industry. “Isn’t it amazing to think that the key to surviving during these chaotic times may not be our tendency towards aggression, territoriality, and greed, but rather our tendency towards compassion, altruism, and trust,” says Mr. Uhre, owner of

How Hotels4Humanity’s Triple Bottom Line Works

Positioning and maintaining an excellent reputation is a primary concern at After all, 63% of a corporation’s market value is attributed to its reputation, according to reputation strategist Leslie Gain Ross in her book, “Corporate Reputation.”

In a perception-driven and Internet-dependent competitive marketplace, building and expanding your customer base, increasing sales, achieving higher profits, becoming an employer of choice, and creating referrals from stakeholders is critical toward maintaining your reputation. Highly successful organizations focus on attracting positive testimonials to neutralize the threat of customer complaints posted on review sites and word of mouth complaints within the hospitality community. Today, any operations can suffer from bad press, which most often results in severe and sometimes irreparable brand damage. A brand’s reputation can affect how new and repeat guests/customers, employees, banks, competitors, key stakeholders, and the public alike perceive the value of an operation.

Thanks to Hotels4Humanity’s triple bottom line, the company is flourishing. By fostering a collaborative community of vendors, hotels, and community stakeholders, the company has created a virtuous cycle. Whether you are a leading shower curtain manufacturer or a small bed-and-breakfast hotel, taking a stand for a better world speaks volumes to customers, especially in today’s environment.

Involving yourself with companies like Hotels4Humanity builds a positive reputation and increases your operation’s intangible assets that may generate several significant advantages, including:

  • Stakeholder Alignment
  • Improved Employee Morale & Job Satisfaction​
  • Positive Reputation
  • Unforeseen Allies In The Marketplace​​​
  • Leadership In The Industry

Hotels4Humanity has been functional long before the pandemic and has helped the community in a meaningful manner for years. By collaborating with them, you can depend on their expertise surrounding service to fuel your business growth moving forward.

Media Contact:
Judson Uhre