Hotels at Sea™ Announces Affordable & Safe Accommodations Roundtrip Transit to the 2016 Olympics in Rio De Janeiro

Want to go to the 2016 Olympics? Heard that all rooms are sold out? We have the best and the ONLY answer. Hotels at Sea™ provides safe & modern accommodations with nightly entertainment.

In August of 2016, Rio de Janeiro will host the 2016 Olympic games. While Rio de Janeiro offers a picturesque setting for Olympic enthusiasts, the major issue for this paradise will be finding cruise ship passage to Rio and enough luxury accommodations for last minute guests trying to get to Rio for the Olympic games.

Hotels at Sea offers guests passage on July 24 from Miami to Rio providing the best value and extremely safe accommodations on-board modern and new luxury cruise ships.  The ships will return from Rio to Miami on August 22.  

Rates start at $695 per person/per night and include breakfast, on-board entertainment, on-board security, room stewards including turndown service, wait staff, limited beverages, hospitality/reception space and options for superior/secure internet service.

Hotels at Sea offers Olympic guests the best value with unprecedented access, being docked in a safe location nearby the Olympic village.  Optional private mini and mega yachts are available exclusively for Hotels at Sea guests.  But time is of the essence!  To reserve space, your large group, company or organization must book immediately. 



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About Hotels at Sea™:

Hotels at Sea™ is a world's leading authority on global cruise ship group events and charters.  We are the only Cruise Ship Destination Management company in the world that is certified and awarded as an official travel partner at the highest levels by the world's leading cruise lines. Hotels at Sea™ augments major sporting and other special events worldwide, especially where there is a lack of hotel space docking our cruise ships at the events full-time. This is ideal for event sponsors, companies associated with events, large groups or enthusiast organizations involved in any major events to include but not limited to the Olympics, Super Bowl, America’s Cup, World Cup, Corporate meetings & Conventions.  Hotels at Sea™ is THE choice for safety, comfort and value.   For more information please visit or contact us today.

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Hotels at Sea™ is the world's leading authority on global cruise ship group events and cruise ship charters for major sporting events and meetings/conventions and conferences including the SuperBowl, World Cup, Olympics, America's Cup & other events.

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