Hotel the Prabha International Proudly Celebrates One Year of Excellence

The Prabha International one of the budget hotel in Gwalior, has successfully complimented its services with the set standards of luxury to come-up with best of hospitality in this one year tenure.

Excellence is not an act, but a habit. It is the gradual result of always striving to do better. Absorbing this thought deep beneath their hearts, the enthusiastic team of hotel The Prabha International celebrated the completion of one amazing year on 18th Oct’ 15.

Known as one of the best hotel in Gwalior, The Prabha International has surpassed the set levels of hospitality by continuous adherence to quality service. Upholding the cultural significance and grandeur of Gwalior city, this hotel has successfully complimented its services with the set standards of luxury to come-up with best of hospitality in this one year tenure.

The Prabha International stands synonymous to luxury through its grandeur which is strongly reflected in its architecture. The lavish decor of its rooms, the grand entrance lobby, captivating reception area spellbinds the visitors with the astounding interiors and a cordial welcome.

In the words of Mr. Khanna, one of the regular visitors of Hotel The Prabha International- “This Hotel is a complete package of fun, food and hospitality. The courteous gesture, peaceful ambience, hygienic and delightful food and prompt services grab me again and again to visit here. One year is a very short span to establish such elevated level of hospitality. This hotel has a long way to go”.

Other than the efforts put into crafting a signature piece of hospitality, this hotel stands out of the crowd as an epitome to quality food at affordable pricing. It is difficult to find the combination of quality, luxury and affordability in a single platter, but The Prabha International is an exception to this statement. It offers a perfect blend of inarguable quality, economical rates and unprecedented luxury at the same time.

Taking four indefinable agents of success- purity, quality, commitment and trust as the guiding thought for the way ahead, this hotel has established an unfathomable image in the world of hospitality. Purity not only in food but in the thoughts of offering unconditional care and concern in services differentiates this hotel from others.

Quality not only in services but in conduct, commitment not only in words but in actions and trust not only in conditions but expressions is the motto of Hotel the Prabha International and this exceptional hospitality effort is continuously striving to maintain this in the coming years.

About The Prabha International

The Prabha International is a premium hotel in Gwalior (MP).

The Prabha International
Opp. Madhav Nagar Gate, Near A.G. Office Jhansi Road
Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh