HOTB Software Offers Free COVID-19 Checklist Software to Businesses

HOTB Software, a leading and award-winning SaaS provider within the compliance industry, announced a free CoreCompli COVID-19 checklist software platform to help businesses manage and track their reopening and continuing operations during the COVID-19 crisis. Using the CoreCompli COVID-19 checklist platform, businesses can proactively prepare and ensure that their facility, employees, and vendors are abiding by government and agency guidelines to ensure staff safety and customer confidence and trust.

CoreCompli’s COVID-19 checklists allows businesses to integrate CoreCompli at no cost to manage their COVID-19 linked infection control tasks in order to maintain workforce and worksite compliance. The functionality provides employee health screenings as well as facility cleanliness checklists. Individual employees can practice social distancing and complete assignments from anywhere while administrators track and manage employee progress in real-time.    

At its heart, CoreCompli empowers businesses in their digital transformation journey allowing compliance and related daily operations to become a frictionless part of the daily tasks assigned to staff. Whether in healthcare, the services industry such as food and hospitality, transportation, CoreCompli simplifies reporting and compliance of government regulations, directives and standards of all major accreditation bodies.  Using CoreCompli’s real-time dashboards and progress meters, administrators can easily and efficiently correct any areas of non-compliance.

“During these trying times, many businesses have had to shift the way they operate and conduct daily tasks, including many of our clients,” said Andy Firoved, HOTB Software CEO. “Many of our customers are using CoreCompli to manage their day to day compliance efforts, and we felt it was important for us to provide assistance to all businesses that may need the support of software tools to help them make the shift to the new normal. Service-based businesses have been extremely hard-hit during this pandemic and we are here to support their employees in getting back to work and welcoming customers.”

About HOTB Software  

Having its founding in developing large and complex enterprise software solutions for federal and state governments which have appropriated over $6 billion in program and assistance on behalf of the U.S. Treasury, HOTB transformed into a leading award-winning SaaS provider of comprehensive enterprise and cloud-based business and compliance process risk mitigation software. HOTB software results in fulfilling compliance and passing accreditations and audits with less effort, time and expense.  

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