Hot on the Heels of AWS re:Invent 2023, Otterize Expands Workload Identity and Access Management Platform to Include Support for AWS IAM and PostgreSQL

Otterize enhances its platform with AWS IAM and PostgreSQL support, complementing existing features like Kubernetes network policies, Istio authorization policies, and Kafka ACLs. These additions enable organizations to seamlessly manage access to critical resources and databases, reinforcing a comprehensive zero-trust security model.

AWS re:Invent 2023

In a move that addresses the evolving needs of cloud-native businesses, Otterize, Inc. (”Otterize”) is thrilled to announce its latest feature enhancements today on the heels of AWS re:Invent 2023. The premier platform for workload identity and access management—enabling the attainment of zero trust for your backend and services—has now extended its capabilities to support AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) and PostgreSQL.

As Kubernetes deployments gain momentum, the complexity of managing access control to and from Kubernetes clusters has become a major challenge for organizations. This complexity often leads to security vulnerabilities and operational inefficiencies. Otterize aims to solve these issues by offering a simpler, more secure, and fully automated declarative approach to managing access from workloads running in Kubernetes.

With this latest update, Otterize now provides support for AWS IAM and PostgreSQL, adding to its already robust set of features, which includes Kubernetes network policies, Istio authorization policies, and Kafka Access Control Lists (ACLs). These new features empower organizations to seamlessly manage access to critical resources and databases, ensuring a zero-trust security model.

Key Features:

1. AWS IAM Support: Otterize can now manage AWS IAM policies and roles, automatically provisioning them on-demand for workloads as they scale up or down. This integration enables users to monitor AWS IAM access within Otterize Cloud’s visual access graph, ensuring only zero-trust access is permitted.

2. PostgreSQL Support: Otterize now empowers organizations to manage access control to PostgreSQL databases efficiently. Users can visualize PostgreSQL access in Otterize Cloud's intuitive visual access graph, guaranteeing a zero-trust security approach.

This significant expansion is a testament to Otterize's commitment to providing the tools needed for managing network policies efficiently in today's dynamic cloud-native landscape.

"Otterize's cloud-native, intents-based approach for access control enables us to manage AWS IAM roles and policies declaratively in Kubernetes, alongside the workloads themselves. This makes managing the lifecycle for AWS access as simple as managing the lifecycle for the workloads themselves and spares us a lot of work." - Tomer Cohen, Head of Cloud Infrastructure at EverC

Ori Shoshan, CTO at Otterize, shared his insights on this development, stating:

“Our user research reveals that Kubernetes Platform Engineers aim to balance the need for fast, automated, and self-service operations desired by engineering organizations with the security requirement of intentional, reviewed, and auditable access. These enhancements enable Otterize to support multiple platforms used by a single workload. Declarative multi-platform access control that is deployed and versioned alongside Kubernetes workloads allows our users to get work done quickly and securely, no matter which resources they consume."

Otterize is rolling out its newest features right when they matter most, underscoring the increased importance of keeping workloads secure and efficient with IAM. The company is breaking new ground by adding support for AWS IAM and PostgreSQL, making access control a breeze in cloud-native environments.

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