HostDime Releases Design of Its New Tier IV Mexico Data Center

HostDime's upcoming Tier IV Mexico datacenter

HostDime, a pioneer in global edge data center infrastructure, has released its design plans for its newest next-generation, purpose-built Tier IV data center facility in Guadalajara, Mexico, which will start construction in Q1 2023. HostDime is the owner, developer, and operator of this new data center facility, nicknamed "Andromeda".

Back in July 2022, HostDime announced that they purchased the three-acre land parcel in the Guadalajara, Mexico metro area; this will be HostDime's second carrier-neutral Guadalajara data center, with their current 20,000-square-feet facility currently at 80% capacity.

This new Mexico Data Center facility design will follow HostDime's Tier IV Data Center portfolio platform design standards, a rarity in the country. Certified by the Uptime Institute, it will only be the second Tier IV public data center in Mexico. Tier IV is the highest class certification a data center can receive. Often referred to as the four 9's, Tier IV data centers have 99.99% availability and often achieve 100% uptime due to their highly redundant power infrastructure. The facility will also incorporate ICREA V standards and thus will also be ICREA V certified by ICREA (International Computer Room Experts Association).

The new facility follows the iconic HostDime contemporary style of all the facilities it designs and builds. This style is a combination of the distinguished HostDime next-gen data center design, purpose-built highly redundant Tier IV power infrastructure, and client-centric colocation amenities. The data center facility will be 100,000 sq. feet in total size with 3MW of critical IT load capacity. The facility will feature three floors of data center space which will include data halls for private data center suites, colocation cage space, private lockable colocation racks, diverse MMR carrier rooms for interconnection, and a specific data hall for hybrid-cloud workload use cases.

The design of this new facility also incorporates additional vertical office floors on the front part of the data center. These office floors will accommodate local demand HostDime Mexico is seeing from potential clients who not only want to be tenants in the data center but also want to be office tenants. These office floors are not the typical office build out, as they will inherit the highly redundant power infrastructure being implemented in the data center. So this will accommodate unique use cases by companies who seek specialized technology office space while also being tenants of the data center.

"We are very excited to release the design of HostDime's New Data Center in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, in the cradle of innovation, 'The Silicon Valley of Mexico'. Guadalajara has innovative technology roots and being the second largest metropolitan city in Mexico, we know this new data center facility will properly serve the surrounding market. This data center will be constructed based on Tier IV and ICREA V standards. In addition, it will comply with all PCI data security standards, including PCI ISO 27001, ISO 14001, and ISO 9001 certifications, thus guaranteeing best processes and practices." - Eduardo Basulto Jiménez, CEO of HostDime México

The new HostDime facility will also be home to Guadalajara, Mexico's first peering exchange (GDL-IX), which will interconnect with other leading peering exchanges in other Mexico cities. To foster the growth of this new GDL peering exchange, HostDime has facilitated four diverse manhole entries into the facility where all local carriers can enter the facility to extend their fiber into the diverse Meet Me Rooms. The facility expects entry from leading local carriers such as Marcatel, MetroCarrier, Axtel, TotalPlay, Alestra, Cogent, Bestel, Flo Networks (Transtelco), and Telmex. This GDL peering exchange ecosystem will allow carriers and tenants to interconnect and be able to serve content to over 90% of the population in Mexico at the lowest latency. This new data center will be one of the most interconnected facilities in Mexico in the next few years and will be a main interconnection point for transit and peering in Guadalajara.

Client amenities include a client reception area, a colocation lounge for staging servers in a quiet climate-controlled atmosphere, and private dedicated warehouse storage space for an array of equipment storage needs. All the rooms will have fiber interconnecting them. There will also be a unique mid-floor indoor/outdoor event space to host technology-related conferences in the Guadalajara Metro area. If that's not enough, there are also plans to install a helicopter pad on the roof to transport clients to the facility in emergency situations around the highly congested Guadalajara, Mexico metro area.

The facility is expected to be commissioned for production in 2024. This announcement comes on the heels of the opening of HostDime Colombia's new Tier IV data center in Bogota, Colombia; the official grand opening is Nov. 18. Additionally, HostDime's flagship headquarters and Tier IV Orlando data center will be commissioned for production in late Q1 of 2023.

HostDime is a global native carrier-neutral data center infrastructure company operating purpose-built public data center facilities in Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, and our flagship facility in Florida, USA, and with owned networks in the U.K., India, and Hong Kong.

HostDime's mission is to design, build, and operate purpose-built, next-gen, public data center facilities in emerging markets around the globe. HostDime offers an array of cloud-native infrastructure products and services including physical bare-metal servers, cloud servers (both private and public), colocation (cages and racks), and Hardware-as-a-Service in all our unique global edge data center locations. HostDime also provides professional managed services on all core products globally.

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HostDime is a hyper-edge global data center company operating our owned purpose-built data center facilities in Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, and our flagship facility in Florida, USA, and with owned networks in UK, India, and Hong Kong. Our mission is to design, build, and operate purpose-built, next-gen data center facilities at the global edge.

We offer an array of core digital infrastructure products and services including colocation (private data center suites, cages, racks), interconnection (cross-connects, peering, transit), Hardware-as-a-Service (bare metal servers, lease-to-own servers, hardware procurement), cloud infrastructure (private, hybrid, multi-cloud), and managed services (server management, remote hands, smart hands).

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