Horror Icon, Bill Oberst Jr. Slashes His Way into the Hearts of German Fans

Ditch Day Massacre now available on Blu-ray in Germany

Ditch Day Massacre Blu Ray art

German horror fans are the first to meet Vick, the revenge driven villain played by Bill Oberst Jr. (Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies) in the first international Blu-ray release of Ditch Day Massacre.

The Blu-ray release follows a successful online release of the award winning film.

Producer Megan Waters commented, "We are thrilled to have been so well received by German horror fans. We aimed to create a film that would entertain and thrill horror fans around the world.”  And it appears they have as Brazil, Korea and the UK are also slated to release the film. Co-producer and writer Dan P. Coughlin offered a toast, “We hope all fans enjoy this day in the life of hell. We aim to bleed. Prost!”

With the seasoned talents of Bill Oberst Jr. and Lynn Lowry (The Crazies) also comes new scream queen, Katy Foley (The OG Girls) who plays the role of Jenny, an honor student with a haunting past.  Some innocent Ditch Day fun soon turns deadly for her and 5 friends played by Zach Silverman (Tell Gordon), Kyle Morris (Bill), Pandie Suicide (Trina), Gabriel De Santi (Max) and Samantha Dawn (Cathy).  

Not only does the cast deliver an entertaining and blood soaked ride, but so does the soundtrack, featuring music from indie band, Swirl who also has a strong German fan base. Swirl’s founder and lead guitar player, DT remarked, “We were honored and thrilled to have 3 of our songs included in the film’s sound track.  We hope fans around the globe enjoy our music and check out our full album.”  (www.swirltheband.com )

For all the updates on the film fans can visit www.DitchDayMassacre.com

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