Horrocks Engineers and Blyncsy Partner to Bring Artificial Intelligence to Our Roadways

Machine Vision AI to offer replacement for LIDAR for Cities, Local Governments and Departments of Transportation

Horrocks Engineers is partnering with Blyncsy to roll out the use of AI-powered computer vision on roadways.

Blyncsy's Payver technology and Horrocks' insights will allow a smart and streamlined process for Departments of Transportation, Cities, Local Governments and other agencies to collect data on safety-critical transportation issues and to extend the useful life of their infrastructure quickly and efficiently.

Horrocks currently uses LiDAR technology to scan and survey roadways. However, they will now be offering Blyncsy's Payver technology to monitor assets on highways and roads as an additional option.

This new method of gathering asset data collection and roadway analysis is more efficient than LiDAR technology in many ways. Not only is Payver 25% the cost of LiDAR, it also takes only 5% of the time. It also saves 66-man hours and 2,000 pounds of CO2 per 1,000 miles surveyed. Blyncsy's Payver technology utilizes crowdsourced images from dash cameras that are already inside thousands of cars on our roadways. By uploading and segmenting images using machine learning algorithms, Payver is able to automatically detect anything from pavement cracking to paint line degradation. This AI technology is able to detect anything the human eye can see and send insights directly to an agency's workflow, giving clients a high level of situational awareness into the condition of their roadways.

Horrocks has surveyed hundreds of miles of state and local roadways and are leaders in using new survey technologies. This new partnership with Blyncsy is proof of this.

"We are excited to be partnering with a company that is so focused on investing in innovative technologies to deliver faster, smarter services to its customers. It's important to recognize that these kinds of innovations are what ultimately will get our clients their data faster and allow them to make better decisions based on those insights," said Mark Pittman, founder and CEO of Blyncsy.

This partnership will allow for smarter and more efficient transportation management for the drivers of tomorrow.

Source: Blyncsy, Inc.