Hopsy Launches Delivery of Local Craft Beer to Incubators and Co-Working Spaces

Hopsy, the recently launched online marketplace for local craft beer, today announced the launch of an offer for incubators and co-working spaces. Beginning today, incubators, accelerators and co-working spaces in the Bay Area can get growlers of local craft beer delivered weekly for their members and employees.

Hopsy delivers a selection of local craft beer for the incubator to organize an exclusive beer tasting. Then weekly Hopsy restocks the fridge with great tasting growlers. The corporate offer caters to both events and constant supply of beer for the incubator. Hopsy delivers 5 different beers every time and rotate the selection at every delivery.

Hopsy piloted this corporate offer in January with a few accounts, including UC Berkeley-Skydeck incubator, WeWork co-working space, and the Haas School of Business MBA program. “These organizations were already providing beer for their employees and members, they simply decided to get better beer and make a local difference. It was a blast and they're increasing their volumes,” said Sebastien Tron, Hopsy’s co-founder and CEO.

Hopsy has been both in a co-working space and an incubator, and truly understands the importance of a great tasting reward for the founders after 14 hours of work,” Tron says. “These incubators and co-working spaces are all about community and socialization. Startups and freelancers learn from each other on a daily basis. The social component of these spaces is as important as the service and the facility.”

Hopsy is now inviting all incubators, accelerators and co-working spaces of the Bay Area to join the beer revolution and get fresh local craft beer delivered for their employees and members.


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