Honor Your Pets: Making Pet Memorials Uniquely Special Today

Honor Your Pets, a new, full-service e-Commerce website designed specifically for pet owners who are interested in remembering their beloved animals after they have passed away, has officially launched its comprehensive shopping site. Pet owners intent on honoring their cherished pet’s memory for years to come will find value in these pet memorial products.

Born of a passion for animals and the owners who love them, Honor Your Pets is providing an array of products that makes a pet's living memories as beautiful and vivid as possible with choices from pocket-sized memorials to garden-sized stone markers.

“All pet owners fear the day that their sidekick passes on,” said Deborah Mazza, Founder and Owner of Honor Your Pets. “Though we don’t ever want to think about it, it is a reality for millions of people every year. With our site, these pet owners have a way to positively and effectively remember their pet with special products that will be close to a consumer’s heart.”

Honor Your Pets offers jewelry, garden accents, pocket memorials, urns, pet prints jewelry, personalized products, books for coping with pet loss, and sympathy cards. One of several customizable jewelry options allows shoppers to create a photo memory piece they can wear every day. Cremation jewelry provides owners with the opportunity to keep a tiny bit of their long-time animal friend near. Weather-resistant garden markers, in a variety of shapes and sizes, provide a lasting outdoor tribute to a lost pet. All are thoughtful gift choices for someone coming to terms with the loss of their pet.

“Pets are often considered part of the family, and when one passes away, the sorrow can be overwhelming,” said Mazza. “We understand pet loss grief, which is why we’re offering our high-quality, USA-made products at rates people can afford. We are excited to announce our store is officially open for business.”

For more information, visit: http://honoryourpets.com/.

For any questions, contact Deborah Mazza at (920) 583-5815

Source: Honor Your Pets


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