Honeypod and BitBounce Partner to Bring Internet Privacy to the Masses

Honeypod and BitBounce have joined in a partnership to further expand consumer privacy and protections on the internet


Honeypod and BitBounce have joined in a partnership to further expand consumer privacy and protections on the internet. This is an important milestone in creating safer, cleaner and friendlier online experiences. Both organizations understand the importance of internet privacy and have agreed to work together through a partnership built with security and online user protections in mind to help secure that fundamental freedom.

"Technologies that prioritize privacy allow all people wherever you are to communicate, transact, live without fear, censorship, reprisal or monitoring," said Honeypod CEO Bryant Maroney. "At the current moment, digital freedoms and privacy stop where the user accesses the internet. No longer should we accept a trade-off between privacy and security. Privacy should not be for sale, nor should anyone be allowed to unknowingly take it from another."

Honeypod will begin integration of BitBounce into their software in the second quarter of this year, offering all of BitBounce’s opportunities and technologies within the Honeypod dashboard.

BitBounce is a free email service that pays for every message received from an unfamiliar sender. Honeypod users will be able to sign up with their existing email address and BitBounce will declutter their inbox by filtering out emails from unknown senders and paying them to receive emails from advertisers in their inbox. BitBounce is a unique solution for fighting spam and blocking unwanted messages. More than four million people use BitBounce and the service works seamlessly with every major email provider.

Honeypod is a privacy-focused device that connects to a router to remove ads and tracking systems from the entire home network while also rewarding users for browsing the web. The landscape of the internet as we know it today is built entirely around hidden services that have the intention of tracking and monitoring a person's every moves: who they are, what they look at and who they associate with without acknowledgment or consent. Honeypod is changing that by not only giving users the freedom to control who and what has access to their internet connection but also rewarding them for browsing the internet.

For more information: https://honeypod.org.

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