Honeycombers Proudly Announces Launchpad - a Unique Community Platform for Entrepreneurs

The new networking platform is designed to meet the increasing need for the connection and support required to nurture the entrepreneurial and small business communities in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Honeycombers is proud to announce Launchpad, a comprehensive business community platform offering, which is the first of its kind in the local market. As a key media platform in Hong Kong, Singapore and Bali, Honeycombers has carved out space in the media market as a trusted provider of lifestyle, community, nightlife, events and social issues content. Now with Launchpad, it will also play a pivotal role in supporting and nurturing the entrepreneurial and small business community. 

The platform is inspired by the growing international trend of people joining digital-first community membership groups, as a result of COVID-19 and the increasing need for connection, networking and support for entrepreneurs. 

Launchpad offers events almost daily, including group coaching sessions, networking roulette, and masterclasses, as well as media coverage on the Honeycombers platform. It is also the first business community group that is targeting entrepreneurs in Hong Kong and Singapore, offering both a local market and pan-Asian approach to community connection. 

Founder of Honeycombers and Launchpad Chris Edwards (she/her) shares: "I know personally how hard it is to start a company and find a business community, business mentors and key business resources as a start-up entrepreneur. There is so much on-the-job learning (read: learning the hard way). Launchpad is everything I would have wanted in my first five years of operation. I hope that with this new community platform we can reduce stress, increase community, and support entrepreneurs to achieve their daring ambitions." 

Some of the founding members of Launchpad include: 

● Sarah Garner, Founder and CEO of Retykle 

● Coco Chan, Founder, Coco Alexandra Holistic Consulting 

● Emery Fung, Founder and host, Awkward Turtle 

● Daren Guo, Co-Founder, REAP 

● Susannah Jaffer, Founder, ZERRIN 

What Launchpad members say: Yinki Wong, Founder, Yin-Ki Wellness: 

"I'm so excited to be part of Launchpad's community of like-minded entrepreneurs who are passionate about their ideas and have the power to drive change in society. I love that Launchpad cultivates empathy and establishes genuine intimacy."

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For media enquiries, please contact:

Chris Edwards (she/her) - chris@thehoneycombers.com / +61 432801421 

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