Home Soft Things Promotes Flat Rate Shipping on Throws, Blankets, Comforters, and Bed Spreads

Bedding sales are shipped in big bulky boxes and charge customers almost 30% of the total item price, companies lower their quality standards to keep up with market prices. Home Soft Things offers flat rate shipping to combat pricing and offer high quality bedding items.

Home Soft Things believes that high quality comes with a price they have given their customers great pricing on bedding sets, bed spreads, throws, blankets, and comforters while passing on more saving with a $6.95 flat rate fee. With a flat rate fee they are more cost effective and can pass on more saving with a “More that you buy, the more you can save” attitude. 

Working with a few key name brand bedding manufacturers such as BNF Home, Boon, Serenta they are forcing these brands in hope that consumers will trust quality over quantity. They have also made an agreement with Pet Soft Things to expand their business into the Pet World bringing great fluffy comfortable pet beds into their web store. They are able to sell high quality bedroom and living spaces textiles at better prices by working direct. 

Home Soft Things website is considered a sister company to BNF Home Inc. a United States based company. Along with the Flat Rate shipping they will begin to launch their specialty in Throw Blankets. 

Home Soft Things opened in the beginning of 2014 and is a part of BNF Home Inc. a conglomerate company of the manufacturing textile company in China. The business opened in hopes that they could create better quality items for a better price by taking out the middle man completely and shipping direct B2B then to the end user. This way blanket, and bedding creations can be produced with high quality fabrics, and development without worrying about the small percentages that are lost with a distributor or external warehouses. 

The owners goal is develop a brand name company that others can trust. The secondary goal is to develop products with an American attitude and feel. Since most of the textile products created in China have a foreign feel of design to the United States it only makes sense to develop brands that are closer to that American swagger. 

Home Soft Things allow people to shop for complete bed sets at an affordable price, with fashionable style. Many of the products can also be purchased separately so that people can create their own bedding master piece by purchasing individual throw pillows or shams. 

The real big buy from Home Soft Things are the Throw Blanket made of beautiful gorgeous Flannel, Faux Fur, Sherpa and more.

About Home Soft Things

Home Soft Things is a Home Decoration and Bedding online retailer that sells quality Bedding, Bed Spreads, Comforters, Throw Blankets, Pet Beds, and more. They focus on Quality, Affordability and Style

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