Home Shoppers Can Now Access Home Energy Ratings Through House X Marketplace

House X, in collaboration with the leading energy standards organization RESNET, make energy ratings available to consumers, increasing education on efficiency, costs

House X and RESNET Collaboration

House X, a consumer-focused residential real estate online marketplace and network of affiliated brokerages, today announced its collaboration with Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET), a nonprofit organization focused on improving the energy efficiency of homes, to provide energy rating scores to House X home shoppers and buyers.  

RESNET's industry-leading standards, also known as the HERS Index (Home Energy Rating Standards) are recognized by the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, among others. 

"We are pleased to collaborate with House X to help provide HERS Index data to the homes in their marketplace. RESNET has been working with MLS systems across the nation to incorporate HERS Index Scores into their listings. Our collaboration with House X will boost this effort by providing the largest dataset of energy-efficient homes in the country," said RESNET Executive Director Steve Baden.

Today, consumers want the power of choice and data from credible sources to help them make more informed purchase and lifestyle decisions. Now House X offers HERS scores for nearly 1.9 million homes from RESNET and more available home inventory for sale by aggregating both MLS and off-MLS properties for new homes in construction. 

"Whether you are buying or selling a home, consumers should know the HERS rating of a home to determine the efficiency and indoor air quality of the home," said William Farrell, president of House X. "We use the HERS score to help determine the number of years of zero-cost renewable electricity that we provide our home buyer clients." 

House X further supports home buying clients by reinvesting over 65 percent of the normal brokerage fee to provide two to five years of renewable energy and a Delos multi-room air purification system, making the home healthier and lowering the cost to own, operate and maintain.  

"Our homes are a critical tool in addressing today's most pressing public health concerns while also helping us be more resilient in the future," said Paul Scialla, Founder and CEO of Delos and Founder of the International WELL Building Institute. "The collaboration between RESNET and House X will help buyers make more informed decisions that directly impact their health and well-being." 

House X also recently launched its American Dream 2021 tour, featuring 21 pilot cities in which to expand homeownership; featuring over 40,000 new, healthier, energy-efficient homes across the country valued at over $18 billion with up to $364 million in stimulus  in incentives by providing home buyers free renewable energy and a discounted mortgage loan. 

Learn more about House X and its pilot program visit HouseX.com.


The Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) is the independent, national nonprofit organization that homeowners trust to improve home energy efficiency and realize substantial savings on their utility bills. RESNET's industry-leading standards are recognized by the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, among others. For more information, visit www.resnet.us 

About House X

HOUSE X™ is a consumer-focused residential real estate brokerage network and Smart Home Marketplace. The company empowers homebuyers with real time listing information and better data to help them make more informed purchase decisions. The House X website features more new homes for sale, in market areas, than any other online source. House X only represents homebuyers and partners with their clients by leveraging our negotiating power on their behalf while also providing free 100% renewable electricity for 2-5 years, at zero cost to the homebuyer. House X will then help transform the home into a Smart Zero Energy Home that costs less to own, operaste, protect and maintain. The company invests and helps operate licensed real estate brokerage companies in California, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Texas. House X plans to expand to 20 additional states in 2021. The company serves as the primary manager of The New American Dream Pilot Project featuring over 30,000 available new smart homes valued at over $10 Billion. House X is guided by four principles: customer-first obsession, passion for innovation, delivering unmatched value to our clients, and protecting the environment now and for the future. For more information, visit HouseX.com/about  and housex.com/housextv. House X License 82-4439324; California License CA DRE 01914791; Florida House X License CQ1061404; Florida Broker License BK347592; Georgia House X License 78380; Georgia Broker License 40541; Texas House X License 9009470; Texas Broker License 405419. 

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