Home Downsizing Solutions Launches Consumer Protection Information to Help Senior Home Sellers Weed Out Fake Cash Home Buyers

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Even with a red hot real estate market for home sellers, there is still a need and want by some home sellers to sell their house quickly to a direct cash home buyer. But as some home sellers are discovering, finding a "real" home buying company can be difficult.

Unfortunately, with the current real estate market, combined with today's technology, the "barrier of entry" for someone to say they are a "cash home buyer" is very low.

Today, someone is able to easily create a website, put an ad online, and make it look like they are a home buying company.

Then add the ballooning "creative real estate" industry of the self-proclaimed gurus (even calling their groups cartels) teaching others how easy it is to get involved in real estate with the practice of "wholesaling," and you have a dangerous situation for home sellers that want to sell their house in a non-traditional manner.

Mr. Souchek was tired and upset after seeing homeowners, especially seniors, being scammed by these "wholesalers" and then contacting him, wanting to work with a trusted cash home buying company.

Today, Ben Souchek, the owner and founder of Home Downsizing Solutions, would like to introduce Stop Low Ball Offers. Stop Low Ball Offers is an easy-to-implement program for homeowners considering selling their house to a cash home buyer to ensure they are working with a legitimate cash home buying company.

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