Home Captain Launches Preeminent Suite of Products to Increase Bank and Lending Customer Experience

Home Captain announced today the launch of the “Home Captain Hub”, a new suite of innovative products and services tailored to dramatically increase the lifetime engagement and satisfaction of mortgage service and banking customers who are purchasing, selling or refinancing their home. This announcement follows the company’s recent acquisition announcement of Redefy and the combined companies’ rebranding.

Home Captain Hub, a Conversion Optimization System (COS), now includes products for portfolio retention, artificial intelligence lead engagement, loss mitigation and customer propensity modeling while enhancing Home Captain’s home buyer and seller concierge services. Combining technology and human services enables clients to increase revenue events, recapture customer relationships, and provide industry-leading NPS scores.   

Home Captain has begun rolling out its Hub to their current portfolio of over 40 lender and bank customers and is projecting complete adoption of the new product by the beginning of 2021.

“We listen to our customers and have the ability to quickly respond with targeted solutions. The Home Captain Hub removes friction from the home buying, selling, or refinancing process, which creates brand loyalty on a scale that I have not seen yet in banking or mortgage services,” said Grant Moon, CEO of Home Captain.

About Home Captain

Home Captain is a financial technology company providing tools, services and the data that lenders need in a competitive and ever-changing digital world. Within its suite of products and services, Home Captain boasts a web and mobile MLS-integrated home search app, an AI-powered chatbot for re-engaging mortgage leads, world-class real estate concierge services, portfolio retention services and patent-pending agent match technology.

For more information about our company, please visit: HomeCaptain.com

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