HolyMoly Casinos Website Releases New Features

New Flashy Design

The HolyMoly website made a real boom in the gambling sphere on the 8th of February, 2018, when the new design was introduced to the public. It isn’t only appealing, but also comfortable to navigate. Now the customers can find more filters by different parameters, two types of ratings and new funny casino reviews. Many other features are going to appear shortly too, so stay tuned.

HolyMoly is a watchdog gambling website with a unique personality. It appeared at the beginning of 2017, and its popularity grows every day. On the site, anyone can find useful and fun information about the gambling sphere in general and online casinos in particular.

New Flashy Design

The new design of the website is Holy great. All the sections and information boxes are organized logically. The light blue-grey background with pink and dark grey elements looks stylish. All the essential headlines and exciting features are in bright colors to attract the users’ attention to the most useful aspects. The customers can also find the main characters of the website, Holy and Moly, (pronounced “Holly” and “Molly”) on some pages.

Improved Navigation

It is straightforward to find all the necessary information on the HolyMoly Casinos website. The navigation isn’t limited to the Search bar, by the way. There are many filters to help everyone find an appropriate casino. The clients can open all the new/best casinos, mobile, live, Bitcoin, and many more casino groups right away from the main menu. Moreover, gambling websites can be filtered by such parameters as cashout time, withdrawal limits, minimal deposit, welcome bonuses, etc. There is also a filter for the global score presented on the website.

HolyMoly Score VS Global Score

The HolyMoly website provides two online casino scores. The Global Score is an average rating which includes the HolyMoly’s grade and those of other reputable portals. The HolyMoly Score is the rating based on opinions of the website specialists who have analyzed every aspect of the casino they write about.

The most creative and sarcastic casino reviews

The popularity of the HolyMoly website is based primarily on different casino reviews, each with an individual personality. The writers have a great sense of humor. Each review packed with useful information presented in a light-hearted informal way.

Every review has a convenient format for finding the needed information right away. Now there isn’t only text, but also screenshots of the website to see how it looks without visiting the site; and highlighted quotes with the most prominent info.

Uniqueness is the main thing which differs HolyMoly reviews from all the other portals.

Coming soon to the HolyMoly Casinos website

HolyMoly isn’t going to stop developing. There will appear a new opportunity to see the website in several languages as the German version is just around the corner. The clients also will be treated with some video reviews of top casinos, where will be the famous Holy and Moly. The customers will get more pieces of useful information in the “How to” section, where all the rules of casino games are put understandably.

Last but not least - more funny casino reviews! The website is growing their base of new casinos every month, so be ready to find every casino you want there.

Try out the new design of HolyMoly Casinos website and make your conclusions on it. 

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