Holodeck Media Appoints Jimmy Baratta, J.D., as Its New Chief Gaming Officer

Baratta to lead the Company in creating and commercializing new gaming and entertainment content

Paul Dawalibi, President and CEO of Holodeck Media, announced today the appointment of Jimmy Baratta, J.D., as its new Chief Gaming Officer. Jimmy is based in Los Angeles and will be leading the creation and commercialization of new content focused on gaming, esports and the rapidly evolving world of the Metaverse, a future iteration of the internet, made up of persistent, shared virtual spaces linked into a perceived virtual universe.

Jimmy started his career in gaming by advising non-endemic talent and partners and successfully bridging the gap between gaming and non-gaming clients. He has since filled roles in business development, brand strategy and talent/community management for leagues, developers, agencies and more. Jimmy has been a trusted advisor to organizations like XSET, Wizard Labs, Fallen Media, and Reuters. He has done esports business development for Grammy and Platinum-selling rappers 21 Savage, YBN Nahmir and Chief Keef. Jimmy was a strategic advisor to Travis Scott on his extremely successful Fortnite event "Astronomical". Jimmy was the founder of the social gaming network ICEBRKRSCLAN and a co-founder of NACL, a nonprofit league providing scholarships through tournament play. Jimmy is also an instructor and industry advisor to the University of California, Irvine's prestigious esports program.

"Jimmy is an accomplished leader and a pioneer in bringing the worlds of gaming, music and entertainment together. We want Holodeck Media to be at the nexus and a catalyst for the advent of the Metaverse, and I cannot think of a better person than Jimmy to lead our efforts there," commented Paul Dawalibi.

"In the last few years, I have experienced and seen firsthand how entertainment and gaming are interacting and coming together. I know that this is only the beginning of a wave that will fundamentally change and reshape the entertainment industry. I look forward to contributing to this exciting new world in my role with Holodeck Media," said Jimmy Baratta.


Holodeck Media is focused on creating unique content and IP targeted at esports and gaming audiences. We believe that gaming is fundamentally changing the entertainment industry and the world. We are a group of passionate gamers, business people and media professionals that are dedicated to exploring and leading that change. The Company currently produces the leading gaming industry business content through a combination of podcasts, livestreams, videos, articles, blogs and newsletters.

The Company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Holodeck Ventures, a gaming and esports holding company, and maintains a studio and offices in Manhattan, New York.

Source: Holodeck Media


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