Hollywood Production Center: Pet Appreciation, Tenant Lounges

Paws Down

Hollywood Production Center loves to show how much they appreciate their beloved tenants—and pets—by throwing several Puppy Pawties throughout the year. The events give everyone a chance to step outside and relax while their dogs enjoy treats and let out some energy. Pet owners love the short break away from their desk as much as their pooches. Dog-friendly and committed to being much more than a traditional office space, Hollywood Production Center stands out as a home away from home for creative professionals who often have to work long hours. The ability to bring their dog in to work each day gives pet owners ease of mind and makes for happier dogs who get to spend the day with their best friends. 

Game On

Pet or no pet, Hollywood Production Center enjoys giving back to all their tenants. That’s why every center location in Glendale comes equipped with a community lounge—all for the benefits of tenants. The community lounges feature arcade games such as Pac Man, Galaga, Donkey Kong, Space Invaders, and more than 50 additional ever-popular games. Of course, there are always snacks on hand for hungry tenants. Including Popcorn Fridays! To learn more about Hollywood Production Center and their many locations throughout the greater Los Angeles area, head over to www.hollywoodpc.com

About Hollywood Production Center

The Hollywood Production Center, with five locations in the heart of Hollywood and downtown Glendale, offers professionals and entertainment industries in southern California top-rated facilities for immediate occupancy of production, post-production, Hollywood office space, creative and filming space, and recording studios. Hollywood Production Center’s office facilities are home to executives, writers, recording-artists, and anyone needing short-term to permanent Hollywood office space. Additionally, HPC’s Glendale rooftop facilities are available for corporate, small business, and private events of all kinds, offering beautifully appointed patios for rooftop events throughout the year—from mixers and wrap parties to grand openings.

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