Hollywood Production Center—Paint Night, Job Board

Let Out Your Inner Artist

Hollywood Production Center has amazing tenants and always looks for ways to show their appreciation. Next up on the calendar of events—Paint Night on Thursday, Sept. 14 at the Glendale location on East Broadway. Paint Night is a celebration that brings center tenants together to paint, socialize, and sip fine wine. All tenants are welcome.

Are you a business owner or entrepreneur interested in sharing your expertise with our tenants? Think you might like to be part of the Hollywood Production Center community? Learn more at www.hollywoodpc.com.

Bring In the Right Employees

Much more than a luxury office space catering to the needs of the entertainment industry, the Hollywood Production Center strives to build a thriving and successful business community. In addition to helpful amenities, services, and networking events, Hollywood Production Center provides essential business resources. For example, the website offers access to a job board where companies from all industries can post available positions and where potential applicants can review and apply directly online. Convenient, effective, and easy to use, the board allows companies to find the right people for the jobs they need to fill. To view the job board for yourself and see how it can help your business locate the best applicants, simply visit www.hollywoodpc.com/careers.

About Hollywood Production Center

The Hollywood Production Center, with five locations in the heart of Hollywood and downtown Glendale, offers professionals and entertainment industries in southern California top-rated facilities for immediate occupancy of production, post-production, Hollywood office space, creative and filming space, and recording studios. Hollywood Production Center’s office facilities are home to executives, writers, recording artists, and anyone needing short-term to permanent Hollywood office space. Additionally, HPC’s Glendale rooftop facilities are available for corporate, small-business, and private events of all kinds, offering beautifully appointed patios for rooftop events throughout the year—from mixers and wrap parties to grand openings.  

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