Hollywood Production Center: Ben and Danny's Sampling, KJC Investments

Healthy Meals, Fast

The Hollywood Production Center is grateful to have such amazing tenants. To show their appreciation, they have invited Glendale restaurant Ben and Danny’s to provide tenants a sample of their menu at the center located on East Broadway in Glendale on Tuesday, April 3, at 10:00 am. The center loves to bring local businesses to come in to sample their products. Ben and Danny’s is one of the many companies to come in and sample goods — an effort to connect tenants with local businesses.

A modern, meal-prep kitchen, Ben and Danny's specializes in meal prep for busy individuals who want to eat healthily. Their menu includes options such as green beans, chicken, and Greek pasta. Ben and Danny’s is located at 211 West Wilson Avenue in Glendale.

 KJC Investments Grand Opening

 Hollywood Production Center loves to build synergy amongst tenants and helping to promote tenant businesses. Which is why the center looks forward to introducing new tenant KJC Investments to the community at a Grand Opening on April 6, from 2:00 to 5:00 pm at the East Broadway in Glendale. Those in attendance will enjoy drinks and pizza provided compliments of KJC Investment Holdings. All encouraged to come out and meet their new neighbors.

About Hollywood Production Center

The Hollywood Production Center, with five locations in the heart of Hollywood and downtown Glendale, offers professionals and entertainment industries in southern California top-rated facilities for immediate occupancy of production, post-production, Hollywood office space, creative and filming space, and recording studios. Hollywood Production Center’s office facilities are home to executives, writers, recording artists, and anyone needing short-term to permanent Hollywood office space. Additionally, HPC’s Glendale rooftop facilities are available for corporate, small-business, and private events of all kinds, offering beautifully appointed patios for rooftop events throughout the year — from mixers and wrap parties to grand openings.

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