Holistic-Vape Is Seeking Investors to Support the International Growth of Their New One of a Kind E-Cigarette Juice NoNic™

Holistic-Vape is on the verge of international growth by tapping into the vaping industry's multi-billion dollar revenue stream and is seeking investors

​​​Holistic-Vape (formerly known as Guilty Pleasures Organics) is in the process of seeking investors to help support the growth of the company and its new holistic NoNic™ vapor juice, which the company just filed for a patent on. The company is planning on expanding into Australia, New Zealand and Canada where nicotine liquid is currently not legal to sell.

The vapor industry in the United State has grown at an annual rate of 115 percent from 2009 through 2012. Sales in 2013 surpassed $1 billion and reached $2.7 billion in 2014. Analysts, including Bonnie Heroz from Wells Fargo Bank, who specializes in this industry,  predict that industry revenue could reach $50 billion by 2025. With FDA regulations looming on the horizon, NoNic™ could very well be a game-changer. The vapor industry is under the classification of tobacco products because the products contain nicotine which NoNic™ does not. As the ongoing debate on the safety of e-cigarettes continues to make headlines, Holistic-Vape offers a very different approach.

We have carefully set ourselves apart from the competition with our holistic approach to our formulas.

Judy Henry , Owner, Holistic-Vape

Using a one of a kind extraction process, Holistic-Vape’s NoNic™ formula offers another alternative to smoking with none of the unsafe side effects of nicotine. NoNic™ contains no tobacco products of any kind. It is made from pure herbs and plants extracted and blended together in a way that the synergistic effect is designed to calm addictive cravings, while offering that "little buzz" that smokers love from nicotine.

The company has been working with herbal formulas for the past three and a half years and has become known and respected for their Happy Lungs™ formula, which is a combination of pure herbs that have been used for thousands of years to support lung health. While flavoring is a huge part of this market, all of Holistic-Vape’s flavors are directly extracted from fruit, coffee or chocolate beans, suspended in glycerin of red palm, and contain no artificial chemicals. Most of the companies in this industry use baking flavors loaded with sugars and Propylene glycol to hold in the flavors. Holistic-Vape was the first company to take a strong stand against the use of Propylene glycol and synthetic chemicals because of the associated health concerns.

While other companies were making huge profits from Chinese juices with mark ups of up to 1,000 percent, Holistic-Vape was listening, studying, and working with some of the most brilliant minds in the fields of naturopathic medicine, science, biology, and herbs to develop something they felt would become a game-changer in the marketplace.

“We have carefully set ourselves apart from the competition with our holistic approach to our formulas,” says Judy Henry, owner of Holistic-Vape. “While the majority of this industry has concentrated on the development of a ridiculous array of flavorings, huge plumes of vapor, and a "throat hit" created by combining nicotine with propylene glycol to drive huge profits, we have been searching for the right combinations to enhance a healthful life experience." Their formulas do quite well in health food venues, opening up a whole new market for this industry.  

Holistic-Vape is poised for international growth and excited about making a positive impact on this industry. In a business exploding into the billions of dollars in revenue, with no slowdown in sight, this company has literally no competition. Interested investors should contact Judy Henry at 208-215-0395, or email sales@holistic-vape.com.

About Holistic-Vape

Holistic Vape (formerly Guilty Pleasures Organics LLC) was founded in 2012. This cutting edge company formulates and develops pure herbal vaporizing liquids that offer an alternative to smoking through vaporization. For more information, visit www.holistic-vape.com.

Holistic-Vape makes no claims of healing or quitting smoking through the use of their formulas, but instead, looks to you to form your own conclusions. 

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About Holistic-Vape

Guilty Pleasures Organics LLC, currently being rebranded as Holistic-Vape, was founded in 2012.We are a cutting edge company formulating and developing organic herbal vaporizing liquids that offer an alternative to smoking through vaporization.

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