Holiday Specials: The Waterfall Villas Retreat Center is the Answer to Making This Christmas Stand Out

Making memories is the main goal when planning something special for the holidays. It can be such a gift to one's partner or their family to switch locations this year and allow the Waterfall Villas in Costa Rica provide a Christmas gathering they will never forget.

Holiday Specials The Waterfall Villas, Getaway for Families and Couples

​​​​​​​​Making memories is the main goal when planning something special for the holidays. It can be such a gift to one's partner or their family to switch locations this year and allow the Waterfall Villas in Costa Rica provide a Christmas gathering they will never forget. With the competition of everyone’s attention on social media, work, school, etc., the Waterfall Villas offers guests a place to really relax (no cooking!) and enjoy what they love the most about the season – creating new experiences and spending quality time with the people they love the most. Waterfall Villas is responsible for this press release.

The Waterfall Villas in Costa Rica has designed separate packages for couples wanting a romantic, solo getaway for the holidays and/or New Year’s Eve as well as a family package for their truly nearest and dearest to take in paradise at this special time of year.

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The Waterfall Villas knows how to make this season bright and magical for couples and families. The couple’s package includes a romantic waterfall site where partners enjoy the powerful and soothing sounds of the waterfall while they share a meal together. The package includes a couple’s massage at a waterfall site to take in the relaxation of being immersed in nature while allowing an expert masseuse to smooth out the worries and cares of the year – priming you and your loved one to face the new year refreshed and ready to face the blessings and challenges ahead.

Families of up to five people will have to so much to share together in the special holiday package from Waterfall Villas. Included in the package are guided nature tours offering children and parents the gift of experiencing firsthand the wonder of the rainforest. This tour will provide children with an experience that cannot be touched in school books or Wikipedia! Pictures cannot inspire the same awe and connection to life and how big the world really is the way allowing your children to feel the earth under their feet, view a whole new sky over their heads, and feasting their eyes on exotic wildlife will.

The Waterfall Villas will help guests feel right at home with a Christmas dinner or a New Year’s Celebration to delight their taste buds without bringing pounds of regret.

A Wonderful Vegan Holiday and A Healthy Vegan Costa Rica​​

The Waterfall Villas specializes in crafting mouthwatering, delectable tropical delicacies that will make one feel indulgent without giving  the heaviness which inevitably comes with sweets and extravagant animal products. The retreat center offers guests vegan and vegetarian food that will fill everyone’s bellies, delight everyone’s mouths, and won’t send guests to bed with the all-too-familiar coma of heavily fat laden dishes. The Waterfall Villas can work with special diets like soy free or gluten free too. They can serve raw food as well as a cooked vegan holiday meal.

This does not mean guests will not have their delectable indulgences! From artisan chocolate to organic wine, they won’t miss a thing! Their bodies will have the opportunity to detox the toxins of the convenience diet on which so many people rely to get through their busy lives. Relax at the Waterfall Villas and feel nourished, not just fed.

The ultimate gift for one's partner or family can be made by a trip to the Waterfall Villas in Costa Rica this holiday season.

Guests' lives can feel overwhelming, and  finding the right gift for their loved ones can be stressful. This year gives an experience guests and their families will always treasure. Offering a full attention and time to loved ones is so precious during an age when people work harder than ever and cover more and more responsibilities at home on their own. The Waterfall Villas will provide guests with an experience like no other in all the world and they'll have so much to share with their extended friends and family when they come home.

Discover the packages and lush, magical landscape of the Waterfall Villas online at Guests may also call 1-888-986-0086 or e-mail at for more information. 

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