Hockey Website Launches With A Lifestyle Edge

Sports Writer and Executive Editor J.P. Hoornstra Leads Cutting-edge Hockey Website, a new hockey website with a focus on long-form journalism and hockey lifestyle, has launched under the corporate umbrella of Astonish Media Group, a creative media company based in New York City. Under the direction of executive editor J.P. Hoornstra, takes hockey coverage from blah to remarkable with in-depth feature on professional and amateur hockey, a cutting edge perspective on the NHL, and player "confidentials", such as former NHL forward turned broadcaster Jim Fox's favorite wine destinations around the world.

"We wanted a hockey site where fans could read longer stories about their favorite teams, players and industry insiders, as well as a unique outlet for hockey writers," said J.P. Hoornstra. "Nothing like this has been created exclusively for hockey, and now great hockey writers have an outlet for more interesting long-form writing. Hockey fans also don't have to wade through other sports topics to get great hockey coverage. They can come to and get the heart of hockey, fast." has recruited well known hockey writers, including Dan Hickling, Bruce Mason, Ryan Stieg and Jason Karnosky to contribute the long-form, magazine-style format.

The addition of the Hockey Confidentials, Q&A format where readers will learn more about players and hockey insiders from a lifestyle perspective, is also a first for hockey sites.

"We have Jim Fox's favorite vineyards and wine-hopping habits, and Simon Gagne's favorite steak house in Tampa Bay. Most hockey sites don't provide this type of fun and clever inside information about players. We want to set a much higher bar and engage the fans in a new and compelling way," added Hoornstra.

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