HiveFit Introduces All Natural Supplement Line

HiveFit presents the most innovative 100 percent all-natural product line with the introduction of HiveFit® Supplements, a line of custom formulated products currently consisting of nine high-quality nutrition, fitness, and wellness products. HiveFit’s custom formulas consist of no artificial sweeteners, colors, or banned substances – making the HiveFit® Supplement line one of the cleanest supplement lines on the market for the entire family.

HiveFit®’s Supplement line includes an assortment of health and nutritional supplements designed to enhance and increase consumers’ overall health and fitness well-being. The current product line includes vitamins and minerals, specialty and sports nutrition supplements, and weight management products.

All of the products featured in HiveFit®’s Supplement line have been uniquely formulated to meet, and often exceed, industry standards for being the cleanest, most natural, and highest quality products available. The HiveFit® Supplement line was recognized as “The purest and best-tasting supplements on the market” by Southern Muscle Guide magazine. HiveFit®’s unique and custom approach to our supplement line along with our demand for the best ingredients make HiveFit® Supplements the only choice for those seeking the most natural and purest supplements.

About HiveFit

HiveFit® was founded in 2015 as a nutrition coaching business, providing select clients with custom nutrition plans. From its inception, HiveFit®’s founder, Venezuelan born Raul Hiteshew, envisioned the brand evolving into a supplement brand, which would be formulated and produced with 100% all-natural products and made to the highest standards. HiveFit® continues to serve as an industry leader in the area of nutritional consulting, offering a groundbreaking approach to body re-imaging through personalized nutrition and fitness programs. Unique and unlike other diet and exercise programs, HiveFit® has pioneered body re-compositioning using science. Through our patent pending process known as Triangulated Body Re-imaging™, HiveFit® nutrition experts are able to lead clients to their desired fitness and nutritional goals. HiveFit® also remains committed to working with competitors and providing contest preparation services. HiveFit® competitors have consistently earned national recognition as well as professional status.

The HiveFit Foundation

HiveFit® is also deeply committed to humanitarian issues. The HiveFit® Foundation donates 25 percent of profits from HiveFit® Supplements to fund an innovative and nutritious meal replacement drink engineered specifically for infants and toddlers who are unable to eat solid foods as they regain their health. The HiveFit® Foundation looks forward to partnering with other nonprofits and international agencies in being of service to those who need it most.

Product Availability
Currently, HiveFit products are exclusively available through the HiveFit website All HiveFit customers receive free same-day shipping and handling with arrival generally in two days.

Press and Public Relations
The HiveFit team are available and excited to discuss their innovative approach to supplementation and nutrition and to provide insights on the latest trends and research on nutrition, fitness, and supplements via digital, print, radio, and television interviews.

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