History of Gambling in Canada

More Than 200 Years Of Gambling: From The Simplest Games To Bitcoin Casinos

NativeCasinos.ca works hard to provide their readers with the most surprising and effective approaches to win when gambling. Gambling history in Canada is one of the aspects to consider to augment the winnings.

The first official gambling event was held in 1767—253 years ago—in Quebec City. It was a horse racing event that attracted plenty of people to join. In the course of time, gambling activities obtained new forms and thrilled the players even more bringing $4.5 billion income to Canadian economy.

Yes, it was started by the first horse racing clubs run in 1787 and successfully carried on by the Great Canadian Gaming Corporation till nowadays.

From the first horse racing clubs—the Québec Turf Club and the King's Plate—to the bitcoin-powered online and mobile casinos, the Canadian gambling history underwent lots of the obstacles, modifications, and legal regulations. These factors have shaped the gambling, so that the modern gamblers can have access to the brand-new cutting-edge technologies.

With the advent of the smartphone technologies, as Financial Times points out, "smartphone gambling grew faster than any... form of gambling between 2016 and 2017". So, currently, each online gambler can enjoy the results of the gambling history and advance themselves to the biggest winnings ever.

Yes, the matter of winning at gambling venues nowadays is inevitably related to the ones of the past. By being aware of the techniques of playing the classic casino games, it's easier to win at present.

That's why one can freely enjoy the biggest and the most detailed selection of the most significant and interesting facts about the history of online gambling in Canada. It'd be a perfect way to advance to the new horizons of winnings at any Canadian casino already today.

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It's possible to discover what history of Canadian gambling holds for every gambler to understand the mechanisms of modern gambling and win big.

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