Historical Option Data A Premium Source For Comprehensive Historical Options Data

We provide you best Historical Options data with split and dividend adjusted stock of history on optionable stocks, ETFs and Indices.

Have highly suitable pricing with Historical Option Data. The file structure is distinctively available with three CVS files per day.

Historical option data is all time crucial and need to be managed properly. These days there present an effective service of storing market data that gives users an easy and quick access. It not only ranges in between market analysis data but carries data from end of day summaries, time and sales reports to sorted, and user friendly data OPRA time and sales. However these are available easily but the company with promising services and data as well is to be searching.

Historical Option Data offer a fully customizable service by providing little or as much you want without giving any apprehension of costs. They offer pricing that is highly suitable to any budget and is undoubtedly affordable whether you are coming as a onetime user or a permanent one. Anyone of you in need of historical market data from quantifiable analysis to academics, get everything well planned and offered as one place.

They also carry end of day historical option prices history for all US equity options that comprises stocks, indexes, and ETFs. This also include the last price, bid, ask, volume, along with open interest. Moreover they can also provide you with split and bonus adjusted stock history on optional stocks, indices and ETFs.

The most recurrently purchased product for historical options data are the end of day subscriptions and CSV formatted historical data. They offer lot more to explore and thus advise to view the sample files first at historicaloptiondata.com. All featured products and historical options prices are available at their site. Their file structure is distinctively available with three CVS files per day. In case of bare bones data the history simply includes options file.

The superb convenience is with the file you receive. You can either use them by direct opening in a spread sheet or can even import them to your own database. Whether the file that you find with them if from historical data set or from the end of the day service, these contain multiple rows of data and each item of the data is being separated by a comma from the next. With the advancements in technology they have now released a third level of data as level1 and level2 are already serving. This includes Greek that is properly applying dividends and additional columns of data as well.

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