Historical Documentary About Philadelphia the King's Highway Launches on Kickstarter

The untold story of the oldest road in America along with the preservation of historic buildings in Philadelphia is halfway through production and looking for support

The King’s Highway, a historical documentary about the oldest road in continuous use in America along with the preservation of historic buildings in Northeast Philadelphia has officially launched a Kickstarter page.  With support from local historical societies, civic associations, historians, experts, college professors, museums, and volunteers, the King’s Highway is causing quite a stir in the communities of Northeast Philadelphia.  Center City, Philadelphia is always the focus of film and TV specials, but no one has ever documented the King’s Highway and Northeast Philadelphia.

The narrative will focus on the area in the 1600s, prior to William Penn’s arrival.  Originally the Indigenous Indian tribes were trading land with the Swedes and the Dutch who began settling in the area. After William Penn’s arrival the land was sectioned out to various hamlets.  The area had the world’s largest in­dus­tri­al boom, and then of course it played a huge role in the Re­volu­tion­ary War.

“People only know about the history of Center City, Philadelphia.” said Fred Moore of the Northeast Philadelphia History Network.  “Northeast Philadelphia has been all but forgotten, and hopefully this film changes that.”

Some of the impressive stories told in the documentary encompass del­eg­ates of the Con­tin­ent­al Con­gress, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, the Revolutionary War, some of the first occurrences of important events taking place in America.  Afterward, the film will go through Civil War stories, African American population growth, the abolishment of slavery and how Northeast Philadelphia residents played a big part in that.

The film will end by exploiting the im­port­ance of regis­ter­ing historically sig­ni­fic­ant build­ings on the Phil­adelphia Re­gister of His­tor­ic Places.  Too many buildings are being demolished every day and they need to be saved, in order for history to be saved. Neigh­bor­hoods ex­plored in the film are Brides­burg, Fishtown, Kens­ing­ton, Port Rich­mond, Frank­ford, Holmes­burg, Ta­cony, Wissi­nom­ing, Fox Chase, Bustleton, By­berry, Somer­ton, May­fair, Ox­ford Circle, Tor­res­dale, Pennypack Creek, Poquess­ing Creek, and Frank­ford-Ta­cony Creek.

“I’m shocked that this story has never been told before.” said Director Jason Sherman of Delphia Entertainment LLC.  “People need to know about what happened along the King’s Highway.  Hopefully this documentary sheds some light on the importance of this area and how it played a significant role in the birth of our nation.  Let’s save our buildings and the history that stays with them.”

The project and trailer is available on Kickstarter http://kck.st/1ZbEjvp