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Left on the moon in 1969 to save weight, Neil Armstrong's lost moon boot is now being recreated here on earth using the original NASA mold for Moonandspace's Apollo moon boot presentation. The sole of Armstrong's historic moon boot is being recast in perfect detail using exactly the same silicone as the original.


“Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin’s boots were left on the moon to save weight and lost to the world, so this moon boot sole is probably the closest you and I will ever come to those original boots that changed the world with “one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind” says David Mather, industrial designer and project director. “Today this is still such a powerful and inspiring symbol of what we can all achieve”.

The Apollo moon boot presentation comes with a specially bound, numbered edition of the book ‘Moon Boot’, certificate of authenticity and display stand. Only 750 will be produced worldwide. Price: US$1998.-

Apollo Moon Boot. Unusual. Unique. The ultimate luxury gift.

The moon boot mold: Sold as surplus at the end of the Apollo missions in 1972 and lost for forty years, the very mold that created the first footprints on the moon was discovered on the auction website eBay. Research has shown this to also be the same mold that produced one of the most iconic images of the moon landings - Buzz Aldrin’s footprint in the lunar dust.

New book: ‘Moon Boot’ was written with the assistance of the original moon boot manufacturer ILC and the Smithsonian’s National Air & Space Museum. Exclusively created to accompany the moon sole presentation, for the first time it tells the fascinating story behind the design, development, materials and manufacture of the lunar overshoe (to give it its correct NASA title).

Did you know that the moon boot was 28 layers thick and was made from the world’s most expensive material? The book contains rare images of the only two pairs of moon boots ever to be brought back to earth (Apollo 17) and unique photos of the secret Russian moon programme that reveal just how different history might have been.

About the company: Based in the U.K, Moon and Space was set up 2 years ago to use its privileged access to original American and Russian spacesuits and artefacts to produce historically important space collectibles. The collectibles are sold through . For more information please visit


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