Historic Collaborative Effort: Pharma Giants Rethink the Future of Life Sciences Transacting at MediLedger Face-to-Face Meeting, Hosted by Cencora

In what promises to be a pivotal moment for the pharmaceutical industry, major stakeholders convened last week for the MediLedger Face-to-Face Meeting from October 24-25, 2023, at Cencora’s headquarters (formerly AmerisourceBergen). This collaborative gathering paves the way for a transformed healthcare supply chain, characterized by efficiency, transparency, and innovation.

Distinguished Participants Include:

Kyowa Kirin, Cipla, Abbvie, Amneal Pharmaceuticals, Cardinal Health, AstraZeneca, Grifols, Kedrion Biopharma, The Resource Group, Vizient Inc, Viatris, Novadoz Pharmaceuticals, Amici Pharmaceuticals, Armas Pharmaceuticals, Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Bristol Myers Squibb, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Novo Nordisk, Health Industry Business Communications Council, Endo International, Pfizer, Premier Inc., Curascript SD, GSK, Genentech, Cencora, and Hikma Pharmaceuticals.

Key Topics of Discussion Include:

  • Financial Impact: A deep dive into the ROI of MediLedger and its implications for the bottom line, including reduction of unnecessary write-offs, preventing rebills, reducing administrative waste, and improving top-line revenue
  • Data Alignment: A focus on inter-industry data alignment, cleanup, and the end-to-end process from distributors to GPO customers to manufacturers to health systems, ensuring seamless backend customer mapping.
  • Demystifying Claims: A comprehensive walkthrough of the improved claims process on the network, its workflow, and integration points, promoting a standardized aligned approach for all participants.
  • Driving Scalability: Exploring strategies to escalate from a single contract to an all-encompassing model on the network, with insights from Grifols on their transition experience.
  • Business Intelligence Capabilities: An introduction to new BI capabilities including the creation of flexible analytics and reports.
  • Artificial Intelligence Integration: Using AI in data alignment to map all stakeholders to relevant information.
  • Fostering Network Adoption: Strategies to eliminate network adoption barriers, simplify implementations, align protocols, and encourage broader stakeholder involvement.

Mike Connelly, VP, Pricing & Contract Management at Cencora, commented, “This meeting is an important step as we translate discussions into actionable strategies in order to directly benefit providers, patients and streamline our processes.”

As the industry behemoths gathered to redefine the landscape, the global healthcare community watched with anticipation for transformative outcomes.

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About MediLedger:

MediLedger, administered by Chronicled, is an industry pioneer, offering blockchain-based solutions for the healthcare industry. Their decentralized network enables seamless, transparent communication among healthcare providers, enhancing patient safety, improving healthcare outcomes, and optimizing operations. Learn more here.

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