HIPON - Innovative ICT Learning System for Efficient Teaching in Pathology

An educational project on histo pathology entitled "ICT eModules on HistoPathology: a useful online tool for students, researchers and professionals - HIPON" has been launched.

​​In recent years, e-learning tools have been developed to supplement traditional text-based materials and are being progressively included into medical education, due to their teaching potential. It is indisputable that simulation is a promising pedagogical tool in medicine. A new teaching approach based on online case studies and interactive discussions, has already been considered successful in teaching pathophysiology. The motivation to learn is greatly improved by the study of cases; the latter makes pathology easier to understand and, furthermore, in this way, students can relate knowledge to a real world context and their future profession.

The main characteristics of the modern pathology module consist of digitalized pathology images combined with web-based delivery of compact and guided learning courses. If we consider that changes are occurring from traditional microscopy towards examination of scanned slides, we understand the importance of a teaching approach based on new technological devices.

Based on the above, an educational project on histopathology entitled “ICT eModules on HistoPathology: a useful online tool for students, researchers and professionals – HIPON”, co-financed as a key activity 3/ICT project of the Lifelong Learning Program of the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA), The Commission of the European Union (reference number: 531203-LLP-1-2012-1-GR-KA3- KA3MP) has been launched at the beginning of 2013.

HIPON integrates the new virtual microscope/e-learning environment in multiple educational units/chapters of pathology, specifically tailored to the needs of students (undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate students), researchers, and professionals.

The project has resulted in a well-structured and user-friendly, open resource, multi-language e-learning platform with brief texts and extended microscope, high quality image collections, supported by educational videos and relevant virtual slides. High pedagogical experience is included in the courses so as to convey a way of thinking and experience, instead of mere information.

The educational product was generated for the area of histopathology in order to be exploited by all educational sectors (both public and private), either in distant learning process or physical teaching process. The multiple educational programs provided by the platform are specifically tailored to the needs of students (undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate students), researchers, beginner residents and professionals in pursuit of vocational training; HIPON is considered a significant platform for multinational training and vocational activities, providing flexibility to both instructors to remotely prepare courses, and students/ pathologists to attend pre- and after- course activities. Furthermore, the program is free for use and is initially available in five languages (English, Greek, Croatian, Dutch and Macedonian) to several institutions throughout the world.

The platform is addressed to a significant user community throughout the world, offering the great chance to develop the practical skills needed in the immense field of modern pathology.

For more information about the project visit us at http://www.hiponproject.eu, like us on Facebook HIPON Project and follow us on Twitter @HiponProject.


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