Hip Optical Leading a Revolutionary Way to Access Reading Glasses

Hip Optical revolutionizing reading glasses

 Hip Optical, an online digital eye care provider based in Fort Lauderdale, announced that they have officially launched their revolutionary custom-made, medical-grade readers. Hip Optical is an industry leader in manufacturing prescription glasses (single-vision and progressive glasses) and offers the highest quality glasses on the market at an affordable price.

Hip Optical acknowledged the gap between the growing demand for reading glasses and the lack of accessibility to fashionable, medical-quality reading glasses. Unlike traditional reading glasses, Hip Optical readers are made from optical-grade materials using the same innovative technology applied to Hip Optical prescription lenses. 

Hip Optical custom-makes each pair based on customers' measurements as one would with prescription glasses using the thinnest lenses possible. Each reader lens has an anti-scratch, anti-reflective, and UV coating free of charge. 

By tailoring the glasses to the customers' pupillary distance, Hip Optical can make sure their reading glasses are capable of mimicking natural eyesight while reading.

Hip Optical readers are not cheap traditional drug store readers. No two readers are crafted the same as they are all fitted to the wearer's eyes. The company's philosophy is that reading glasses should not be one size fits all. Instead, they should be made specifically for the customers' optical needs. 

People can easily order readers online at www.hipoptical.com. Once the eye prescription is received, the glasses will be made and shipped directly to the customer. 

Hip Optical blends the world of fashion and prescription eyeglasses with luxury quality eyewear at prices that don't break the bank. Every order comes with 24/7 customer service, free USA shipping, and buy-one-donate-one charity. For more information, please visit www.hipoptical.com.


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