'Hills' Star Jason Wahler & Singer Hilary Roberts Gift Therapy Sessions to Grieving Families in #GiveGriefAChance Initiative Amidst COVID-19

Jason Wahler & Hilary Roberts

Jason Wahler has teamed up with singer and philanthropist Hilary Roberts and her organization, Red Songbird Foundation, to lend a helping hand to grief-stricken families amid the COVID-19 crisis with free therapy sessions for those affected by the disease.

The duo joined forces to launch a campaign called #GiveGriefAChance just earlier this month, which aims at helping out those who've lost loved ones during the virus by partnering with several master-level therapists from across the country to provide the free services via Zoom. The goal is to help those who weren't able to mourn traditionally because of the pandemic and the mass shutdowns that followed - which majorly impacted interments and funeral services just about everywhere. 

"Without a proper goodbye, closure is extremely difficult. Jason and I know about hurting and feeling alone. To see people losing loved ones and not be able to be with them while they are sick or passing … we couldn’t imagine that pain. We wanted to give those who cannot afford therapy an opportunity to talk out their pain safely. We believe we are meant to support one another, especially in the darkest times. Our world is hurting right now, and Red Songbird Foundation is here to help.” – Hilary Roberts

Originally ending May 18, the initiative proved to be so successful, that they decided to extend it until June 1. The gesture complements a number of other initiatives the two have their hands in. Hilary's donating 50% of the proceeds from her recent single, "Just Let Go," to those same grieving families, and RSF has doled out over a million dollars in scholarships to those suffering from a number of afflictions, like substance abuse, trauma and mental health in general.

If you or someone you know is grieving from the loss of someone during COVID-19, you have two more weeks to fill out an application here.


The Red Songbird Foundation was founded by Billboard-charting singer Hilary Roberts. Its mission is to help people heal from the darkness of their past. It was established to not only help the individuals that are struggling themselves, but those affected around them in the realms of trauma, mental health and substance abuse. It aims to empower our community with knowledge, care, and insight so for the first time, those suffering don’t feel alone and can have an opportunity to thrive. By creating a safe and trusted environment with no judgment, they pride themselves on being on the forefront of making an impact, so they can save as many lives as possible. For more information visit www.redsongbird.org

Source: Red Songbird Foundation


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