HillQuest Security Expands and Starts Offering Security Guard Services in Orange County and Riverside Areas

The veteran Los Angeles-based security company has recently experienced a major update in its range of action, expanding to Riverside and Orange counties

Hillquest Security Services

Security companies provide a type of service that tends to go unnoticed except when it’s missed. Businesses, banks, stores, event organizers and VIPs are their main clients. Their demand is increasing, mostly due to the expansion that Southern California has experienced in the latest years. Small cities and towns are increasingly growing every day, mostly due to internal migration and the high prices of rent in Los Angeles County.

Veteran Los Angeles security company HillQuest Security knows about this growth and the demand for services like the ones they provide. That’s why they’ve decided to expand their already wide range of services (which included more than 60 cities by 2018) to the entirety of Orange and Riverside counties.

HillQuest Security started to provide security guard services in Orange County and Riverside since early 2019. What was initially a test venture that turned out to be really successful for the company became a full-service activity. Now, HillQuest has started to offer its full range of security options for businesses and individuals in those areas. 

Businesses and other entities in the OC and Riverside can now hire HillQuest Security mobile patrols, bodyguards, security systems, loss prevention, and other security services for banks, construction areas, health care facilities, hotels, apartment complexes, movie sets, parking lots, schools and event venues.

“We provide security services that are perfectly tailored for you,” says John Bouzy, HillQuest Security owner. "Our trained, licensed expert security officers can handle any and all of your security needs. Moreover, we can do that any time of day as well."

According to its website, the company is insured with a $5 million dollar policy and all officers “meet the standards set by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services.”

For more information or to make a press inquiry, contact HillQuest Security & Patrol at 8383 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 800, Beverly Hills, CA 90211, call (888) 925-8040 or visit their website www.hillquestsecurity.com.

Source: HillQuest Security