Hillary and Bill Clinton Join the Ranks of Novelty Political Toilet Paper

The new Hill-Billy Clinton toilet paper product created by a Florida company last week has achieved record sales.

The Florida novelty company that created the now infamous tongue in "cheek" toilet paper bearing the visage of Donald Trump, has just released a new Hillary and Bill (or as they are calling it, the Hill-Billy) Clinton roll of toilet paper. Each sheet features The Clinton's giving a thumbs-up with the caption above reading, "Not Again"!

The company created the roll after numerous requests came in from their customer base. "Why not"? said company founder Frank Makan. "If this many people are requesting Hill-Billy Clinton toilet paper, maybe there's something to this."

The company decided to put the roll up on Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01B6GK0DS) as a test and orders immediately started "flowing" in. Although the roll costs more than other novelty toilet paper products ($10.95 per roll as opposed $8.95 for Obama toilet paper), the company insisted on making their rolls in the USA. Manufacturing this type of product carries a much higher manufacturing cost than in say...China, but they felt it was the right thing to do.

"Our toilet paper lets Americans express how they truly feel about the Clintons and Hillary in particular" said Makan. "Her detractors may figuratively use it to wipe her off the ticket and her smug husband as a bonus. We created this product for those who believe politics truly is a laughing matter or just want to literally flush Hillary out of the running."

When asked how many rolls the company has sold, Makan quipped, "Well, sales are definitely not in the toilet."

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