Hill Hiker Inclined Elevators at Impressive Project in Dubai Win Top Industry Award

Elevator World, the premier elevator industry publication, announced the winners of its Project of the Year industry recognition awards. Hill Hiker, Inc. is proud to win the Inclined Lifts Award. Celebrating innovation and persistence.

The KSA Expo 2020 Pavilion in Saudi Arabia

In a monumental achievement, Hill Hiker, Inc. proudly announces its consecutive win of the prestigious Elevator World's Project of the Year Award for the second year running, solidifying its pioneering status in the industry. The award-winning project, "KSA Expo 2020 Pavilion," is a testament to innovation, resilience, and unparalleled engineering prowess.

Crafting Excellence Amidst Unconventionality
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's visionary pavilion at Expo 2020 defied architectural norms with a cantilevered marvel rising six stories at a daring 24-degree angle. Traditional elevators proved impractical, requiring a groundbreaking solution. Hill Hiker, Inc. answered the challenge, designing and installing two custom-inclined elevators that transformed this architectural marvel into an unparalleled opportunity.

Confronting Challenges with Creativity
Space limitations posed formidable hurdles, demanding inventive solutions. Hill Hiker, Inc. engineered end-loading inclined elevator cars, integrating architectural glass and minimal framing to seamlessly merge with the pavilion's exhibit, ensuring an uninterrupted experience for visitors.

Navigating strict safety codes and regulations was another frontier. Hill Hiker, Inc. innovated with a reel system interfacing with custom-built rollers — solving the friction dilemma and ensuring compliance, despite the challenges posed by hardwired power requirements.

Amidst the unparalleled challenges, the global pandemic disrupted operations. The team showed remarkable adaptability, maneuvering installations via remote communications and navigating travel restrictions with unwavering determination.

The Climax of Innovation: Recognition and Triumph
The completion of the KSA Pavilion project in August 2021 marked a triumph. Thorough inspection under the stringent ASME Code validated the elevators' safety and functionality. Facilitating over 4.6 million guests, the inclined elevators earned acclaim, bagging the UAE Innovation Award for "Best Innovation that Drives Mobility."

This recognition celebrates collaborative effort. The synergy between Hill Hiker, VAA, TK Elevator, and others surmounted challenges, paving the way for an exceptional feat in inclined elevators.

Conclusion: Elevating Standards, Defying Limits
Hill Hiker, Inc.'s consecutive win of Elevator World's Project of the Year Award for "KSA Expo 2020 Pavilion" signifies an unwavering commitment to innovation, resilience, and excellence. This remarkable journey sets a new benchmark in elevator engineering, showcasing the transformative power of determination and innovation. The legacy of this project extends beyond recognition; it’s a tribute to human ingenuity, perseverance, and the spirit that defies limitations.

Founded in 1997 by Bill and Laurel MacLachlan, Hill Hiker, Inc. is a leading provider of innovative inclined elevators, specializing in pushing the boundaries of elevator engineering to redefine possibilities in architectural design. 

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