Hikerpower Tech Introduces the World's First Backpack Power Station

Double Your Travel Distance | Fully Waterproof | Ergonomic Back Support System | Special Lighting System for Day & Night

The Hikerpower is the world's first backpack power station that perfectly combines the backpack and power supply. It fundamentally solves the problem of transport of traditional power stations.

The Hikerpower features include:

  • 600Wh and 1000W of stable and sufficient power support. Suitable for 3C products, drones, cameras, GoPros, projectors, and e-bikes. No fussy operation or excess weight means users can enjoy the outdoors with their body and soul while the Hikerpower provides all the power everyone needs.
  • Versatile charging ports. Includes two AC ports, three USB3.0 ports, one Type-C port, one car charging port, and one DC port. Also includes the world's first side-plug AC outlet that lets users use outdoor tools, e-bikes, or scooters without worrying about charging cord length, extending the user's workspace. 
  • Ergonomic back support system. Considering the average weight of an adult man, plus any items that might be carried, the Hikerpower weighs only 18lbs, leaving more space for essentials.
  • LiFePO4 Battery - Stable Internal Structure. The Hikerpower uses a LiFePO4 battery, which is safer, has a longer life, and has a higher temperature resistance. It's also equipped with a BMS safety management system.
  • Light the way ahead.  Lighting comes in four colors and three modes to ensure users' safety outdoors, especially when riding at night. Also has adjustable ambient lighting and reading lights on the top of the pack, providing users with bright and ample light.
  • 3D rainproof cover. In the case of heavy rain, snow, or if users need to wade through water, just pull out the hidden 3D rainproof cover inside the bag and put it on, totally protecting the Hikerpower.
  • Solar charging. Use the 120W portable solar panel to charge the Hikerpower. It has a 75% energy conversion efficiency and takes seven hours to charge 100%.

Pricing and Availability: The Hikerpower is available on Kickstarter for $699 (47% off the original price of $1199).

About Hikerpower: Hikerpower aims to advocate for a vibrant and sustainable outdoor lifestyle powered by innovative ideas and intelligent technologies.

Hikerpower is a young and diverse team of tech geeks, passionate product managers, and creative designers. Hikerpower is also outdoor enthusiasts who are constantly exploring different possibilities for outdoor activities. Hikerpower is dedicated to creating innovative ways to interact with the essential devices it uses for outdoor activities, for both practicalities, and for fun. Inspired by hikers, campers, and digital nomads. Hikerpower passion and background have attracted many talents to join the project, including experienced R&D engineers, marketing managers, product designers, and its R&D director who has worked in the industry for years.

To learn more, visit the campaign here: https://bit.ly/3y1NOqj 

Media Contact: hello@hikerpower.com

Source: Hikerpower